Facebook Audience Network vs Admob which is better?

Facebook Audience Network vs Admob which is better? Which pays more? 


  • For me, FAN has a higher eCPM in two apps, while it has lower eCPM in the other 6. I'll switch the latter four apps back to AdMob and keep FAN in the first two, where it easily beats AdMob.
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    Heh, I had this too long on my to-do. I'm checking the stats for the last month, and FAN is in the other 4 apps just as good or better than AdMob.

    Sorry for misleading! Also, one less task on the to-do. :)
  • for the past few months i have been struggling my judgement with both but admob still really works for me so im cool with it.. FAN doesnt really fill and cant compete with ecpm atleast on my case, i think it depends on the app
  • Average eCPM in December for me:
    FAN - 7 USD
    Admob - 2.8 EUR

    Things have dropped in January for both, but FAN is doing better still. Doing around 2.7 USD eCPM versus 1.6 EUR in admob.
    Use your judgement, but I cant see any harm in adding FAN next to admob. If FAN cant fill, admob will do it.
  • @anteos
    Thanks for sharing. Is this the same for all your apps?

    I have a similar experience to @megajmarketing. There are two apps where FAN is crushing AdMob and in the rest (where I use both) it's on a similar or a slightly better level.
  • @hendrixs I have more than 120 apps added to FAN, so it is very hard for me to find out which might be sky high and which might be doing less good. Their analytics arent fit for such, at least for me.

  • @anteos True. Well, it looks like you can't go wrong with FAN anyway.
  • Well, I've been testing FAN for nearly a month now. It hasn't been a total failure like Amazon, but it's only about 20% of what Admob is bringing in. But since Admob amounts don't seem to have suffered, I guess any extra is nice. :)
  • Actually I was just comparing the last 30 days with the same period last year, and it looks like I may be losing money using FAN instead of just Admob. However, I'm not sure I should be expecting the amounts to be similar for this year compared to last year. How is January 15 - February 15 2016 vs. 2017 looking for everyone else? Was it higher last year?
  • hendrixs those 2 apps were your FAN ads stand out are primary getting dowloaded by US  users or worldwide? or why do you think that FAN perform better? depending in your niche? if the users are from US or worldwide, etc?
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    Yeah, I have mainly US users. Could be the niche, too. Anyway, still happy with FAN, but I didn't proceed to implement it in any other apps.
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