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  • colinadams
    How long does it take to launch the andromo v5.0? ;)
  • It's a beast for sure... soooo much work has gone into this.
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  • I'm sure the updates will be great, but will there be an option to use the older (current) styling in case we need to make updates to our apps, but don't want to change the entire look?
  • Nope. If for some reason you want to stick with the old stuff, you can of course, but you might want to put out your last update asap...

    Personally, I can't think of a good reason to not upgrade your apps though. The new theming system is much easier to use (replacing Activity icons with beautiful images is sooo much better), and looks about a million times slicker.
  • We want a specific date for the launch version 5.0
  • You said that you need two weeks to launch the two weeks passed and nothing happened
  • @colinadams
    I was also concerned similar to @wallpaper about the old look. I use Samsung Store much, and they seem to refuse apps that had some little quirks. For example 80% of the apps I submit with an action bar navigation got refused (because the tested would jump from one activity to the other repeatedly and eventually report that when clicking back key he couldnt exit the app).

    Have you noticed if Samsung accepts apps with the new theme or reports problems like that? It is important to me. Thanks
  • I've never heard of Samsung refusing an app because of the Action Bar... however, there is no Action Bar in Andromo 5 at all! Navigation is hugely improved throughout and you can now use the much more modern Navigation Drawer that has none of the downsides of the old style.
  • We're still waiting for a specific launch date for Andromo 5 though
  • We should be able to nail down a release date very shortly... I know everyone is excited (we are too), but there are still a few things left to finish. So, it's not coming out tomorrow, but in the big scheme of things, it's almost done. Best I can say today... Believe me, nobody wants this out ASAP more than us developers - but it has to be done right. We don't mess around with quality.
  • Delay No problem.. The important thing is that I'm sure update v 5.0 is great and great B) <3  
  • Another week is gone. Any release date for the new Andromo?
  • Yep..I just got a subscription, but I want to make a material design based app.....Can't wait
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    I can't wait either

    PD. Please ad Admob Native Ads support, It would be great!
  • One week closer... seriously though, things are really coming together quick now. I just hooked in 48 different Dashboard layouts today that Darryl and Lorne finished up last week. Crazy. When I said this release would be big, I wasn't exaggerating.

  • Guys we have waited for more than a year. An extra week will not hurt us.
    If you are serious with your business, the least you want is an undertested andromo version going live, fills our apps full of bugs and eventually might even get our accounts banned.

    PS I cant wait either :)
  • i'm so excited <3 B)
  • Hooked in ~44 different RSS Activity item styles today. Plus ~34 different YouTube item styles. Lots of choice coming your way...
  • I´m so excited with the new Andromo, hope for a fully functional Andromo very, very soon.
  • @colinadams 
    Good news, =)
    thanks. <3
  • Only a few more days...
  • Will it be possible to have favorites in our apps? Many users ask me to have this feature.
    Thanks and keep on the good work!
  • Andromo3

  • @hermizariafis Yes we're aware of the upcoming changes to Google Play and are working on the changes required. An update to Andromo will be released prior to that deadline.

  • @darryl , just got mail from admob which alerting that ad attributions must be within ad serve inside the app, such as "as"/ "advertisement" / badge that says "AD" and at least 15x15px, must be present at the top of the ad.
    Any andromo update of this alert?
  • @olfixx Andromo supports banner ads and interstitial ads. The items you're describing are handled by AdMob and are part of the ad itself, so I don't see how it applies to an app built with Andromo.
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