Is Andromo actually worth it?

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Hi I'm new at app making and considering signing up with Andromo and was wondering is it actually worth it? Is anybody actually making any money with Andromo apps or is it just a case of creating many apps and a long hard grind in earning 10 or 15 cents or pence a day? (then obviously not worth it) Is anybody actually making money (for example 100 dollars a day) and if so how much daily? Or is the app market just too saturated? Would appreciate some advice as wouldn't want to plunge in if it's really not worth it?


  • I'm sure some people will chime in, but there have been lots of discussions on this here on the forums. You might want to browse back through old threads. This question comes up every few months. There is tons of opportunity for people making good quality apps. Like anything in life, you'll be the most successful if you approach it professionally. Come up with a good topic. Do your research. Make it look good. Make it useful and relevant. Write your descriptions well. Put it on Google Play, Amazon and alternate stores. Then, do it again.

    Will you make thousands of dollars? You might. We have lots of stories here of people who have done just that. Many of them don't participate in these forums though. Either too busy making apps or don't want to show their hand. Both understandable...
  • The market is saturated. It is a huge supply and huge demand market. What it means is you have to try harder these days as opposed to back in the days where there were less apps and anything could get you easy money. That said, these days it's about making the right app and putting some effort to create content that other apps don't yet provide. There is always space for that.
  • You will make money either way.
    But if you dedicate time and make it almost full time, you can make much money.
    There are two ways:
    You take the road of many but easy/fast to make apps
    You prefer to invest few weeks or months to make one app but amazing.

    I prefer a combination of them.

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