Linking to an activity from within a custom page.

Is there a way to link to a different activity (in my case the rss reader one) from within a custom page?

If this is possible, I would also like to know if I can hide that activity that I link to on the "home page" so that it doesn't seem redundant.


  • Sorry, it isn't currently possible to jump to another activity from a link on a custom page. Currently the only navigation you can do from within HTML is to another web page (either online, or within the same folder tree if you're using an HTML Archive activity).

    That kind of inter-activity navigation is something we are considering for the future, however.

  • Any update on this? Are you guys still working on it?
  • Anyone vote for this?  I think It would be really handy.
  • i agree gamesaviors, i think that kind of tech is the difference between an app that looks ok and an app that looks great. personally it would make my life a hell of a lot easier. but i have started working on a code that lets me build my entire app on one custom page with links to set ' objects' which in my case are basically new pages within the original page, i just cant for the life of me get my damn grids to interact on screen :( arrrgg frustrating :/
  • I can figure out how to link this.  I see on the topic page that you should be able to do it, but its not working for me.  Can anyone talk me through this process?
  • See the section titled "Linking to Another Activity" here:
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