Website is too heavy now?

Hey guys,

I have realized after the update to v5, the website is too heavy,
I work on a 4gb RAM laptop thats 2 years old and Firefox browser.
Commonly I get scripts that stopped working and have frozen the browser with having Andromo website open alone. Also, most of the options that when you select will pop extra content from below take long to show the content.

Anyone else having same problems? Today I have been struggling to use Andromo, only with andromo open my FF consumes 800 MB ram. I know that plugins and addons matter too, but I really see big difference between the website during v4 and after the change to v5.


  • I use a 7 year old laptop with 4 gb RAM and originally Windows Vista, now Windows 7.

    The laptop does only have some small problems when I work on huge custom page activities. Other than that I con't see that much of a difference between v4 and v5...
  • Thank you, I think I will spend some time cleaning this up today :)
  • There is definitely a lot of Javascript, but it shouldn't really be that much different... There are some sliding effects being used though, that perhaps your system is bogging down on. Definitely clear your cache and reboot. I know Firefox can do some really weird things if it's been running for a while. Chrome is a much faster/more optimized browser in my experience, so you might also consider trying that. But either way, let us know. It really shouldn't be that different.
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