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Hello andromo,

How can i benefit from this info: The package name is a unique identifier for your app. If you change your package name, it will be seen as a new app by Google Play.

My subscription-type won't allow me choose a custom package name for my apps, but i noticed i still have two package names (standard and alternate). I am wondering what i can do with them. Can I like build an app with the standard package name (com.andromo.devXXXXX.appXXXXXX) and then rebuild the same app but this time with the alternate package name (net.andromo.devXXXXX.appXXXXXX) and submit both apps to play store with different names ? Is that safe to do ? I will remove and/or add some things to the "new" app before rebuilding.

If it is safe then my other question please. When i come to update the first app whose package name is standard i think all i have to do is to select the standard package name and rebuild it then submit my update to the play store right ? The same thing i guess with the second app.

Please i need a confirmation before doing anything. Thank you.


  • Why would you put two of the exact same app on Google Play? Not worth it. Worst case is you get banned for spamming Google Play.
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    Technically, yes you could submit those both as different apps. One reason to do so might be if you wanted two versions of the app at different price points, for example a Free version with ads and another version of the app with no ads, that you would charge money for.

    Note that this assumes there is more difference between the two versions than just the app name -- and i would take a bit of work to make those changes each time you wanted to build the other version. I think overall it's better to use two separate projects for such things as the number of changes between the two apps should be more significant in order to justify having two versions of the app in the store at the same time.
  • Hi!

    @colinadams and @lorne thank you all for your replies. 

    Spamming Google Play with redundant app is not why i asked that question. I'm just wondering if i can build one app then change every text therein to another language without having to re-upload audios and videos (as the case will be if i was to rebuild the same version using a new project).

    Thank you so much @lorne for giving me the answer i want. I appreciated. I got it now and will play Google Play safe. And yes i'll take what you said into consideration "changes between the two apps should be more significant in order to justify having two versions of the app in the store at the same time".

    Thank you all!

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