Search Bar in the apps.

Will Andromo put a search bar in the apps?  It needs to be a search option with apps that have a lot of activities. 


  • I agree with @lawrence72117. A search function would be very useful
  • Activity groups (sub-dashboards) might actually be more beneficial to projects with lots of activiites, both as a way of organizing the activities, and providing additional opportunities for ads...especially considering the addition of native ads in the future.

    A search feature is in our list of suggestions, however it isn't as simple as just adding a search field; you also need something to search on, e.g. tag fields for each activity, and there are many other complications, so it probably isn't something we will be adding any time soon...but it is definitely still on the list. :)
  • @lorne is there a way we can add search with html within the app? I can build a search box but I do not know if it will search within the app. 
  • @lawrence72117 not really. Technically, you could create an index within a single HTML archive, with a database matching keywords/tags to andromo:// activity links, and show different links based on what they type into the search box. However, there is no way to search through the content within other HTML archives or activities, if that's what you're asking.
  • @lorne. If we create a search using HTML archive is there a way to make it search through the andromo app? 
  • @lawrence72117 No there's no way to do that.
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