No Downloads :(

How do you make to have downloads?

Do you just upload and hope for the best or do keyword research and advertising? It seems that no matter what is the keyword, there's thousands of apps already


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    Every day new apps get put up on Google Play that go on to get installed by millions of people. How do they do it? Good ideas. Good execution. Good promotion. Think outside the box! Try different ideas. Get the word out however you can. Just putting your app on Google Play and then sitting back isn't the end of it. Make it better. Spread the word. Spend time to make great graphics. Write excellent marketing copy.

    Learn from others and don't give up! Every app starts with zero downloads...
  • Do not underestimate alternative stores. Spend some tiem to try a few, if they do not work well, keep the ones that do.
  • Hey Anteos what other app stores would you recomend ? I use opera i get installs the first day then they drop off
  • Getjar, mobango, samsung, amazon, torrapk.
    There are more, but according to my experience downloads might not be worth the hassle of uploading there.
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