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When I have a website or Html activity, and the user navigates through several pages inside the activity and then hits the phone's back button. The user is taken back to the dashboard of the app, and not to the previous webpage or html-page.

Could you please try to change that? As a user it's really irritating to always end up at the app dashboard. The back button should work the same way as in for ex Google Chrome.


  • This is actually a bug introduced by the Android System Webview in Chrome 62 ( So, if you have updated to M62, you will be affected by this in not just Andromo apps, but any app that shows a webview.

    It has been fixed by Chromium (Google) in M64 but has not yet been released.

    So, your solution is to either revert back to an older version of Webview, or wait a few days until they release the fix.

    Unfortunately, with the discovery of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws in Intel CPU's, they have had their hands busy, or it likely would have been rolled out already...

  • Oh, that explains it. Thanks
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