PLEASE: Splash screen/Welcome screen

I have been making apps for clients since 2012. Sometimes I use other app builders besides Andromo, because a ton of clients who want to have a splash screen in the app. Or you can call it welcome screen if you wish.

I understand that the Andromo apps launch immediately and a splash screen is practically not needed, but in reality, A LOT of people feel good when immediately once the app is launched they see a splash screen (with their logo) for a few seconds. Regardless if that splash screen doesn't do sh*t (pardon my French), it is just what people want, and if I don't give it to them, somebody else will.

PLEASE, Andromo. This is not my personal wish. This is a wish of hundreds of people for whom I make apps. 

Thank you, sincerely.

p.s. Just make a page where we upload a blo*dy PNG or JPG  to show up for 2 seconds once the app starts and that is that. :)


  • Anyone from the Andromo staff read this? :)
  • Hi,

    Yes we have read your request. A splash screen feature was actually in our v5 design spec, however that feature along with some other things were cut in order to get the product released. Limitations of the prior version was holding back a lot of things, so getting things out sooner than later was the priority. So while the implementation details haven't been investigated fully, it is a feature on our suggestions list that we would like to offer in the future. As to if or when that would happen, I can't say at this point, but it is on our radar.
  • That would be super awesome, Darryl. I will be super happy when you guys implement it.
  • Just lost a client today for $180 because of a lack of splash screen. I can't express myself how urgently we need this feature. At least I do anyway. Hopefully we will get it soon.
  • @paraglajder If you are familiar with HTML, a solution could be to set the startup mode to open a "custom page" or a "html-activity" where you show the splash screen for a couple of seconds and then redirect to "andromo://dashboard". I have not tried it, but I think it could work as a temporary solution.
  • @olaf_rosendahl Thank you for your great idea, but unfortunately I am not familiar with HTML...
  • Tested it out myself. It dosen't seem to work because when you set an activity to be shown at startup, the dashboard is removed from the app and the first activity becomes the dashboard. This means that when it is redirecting to "andromo://dashboard", it ends up redirecting to itself.

    Can you confirm that this is expected behaviour @colinadams or @darryl ?
  • Honestly will be happy if this is added.. 
  • Hi there,

    Does this service available nowadays ?

    I have searched for a splash screen option but never get it 😕

  • I think it's available with the "Ultra" account now.

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