Multiple Ad Netwroks In One App

Hello my friends,
I am thinking of integrating multiple ad networks in my apps (like AdMob and Something else). Will that greatly affect my AdMob earnings? 
If anyone has experience please share. I would love to know more.
And how will the ads appear in my app? Is it going to be 50-50% or how? By 50-50% I mean half AdMob ads and the other half ads from the other ad network.

I appreciate your responses. Thanks


  • The ads appear randomly. So, if the fill rate was same and you had admob and startapp, random means most probably you would be close to 50-50.
    Your admob will lose impressions, but the other ad network will take it. If it is good enough, you will have higher revenue. If its bad, you will have lower.
  • Thank you @anteos have you tried doing that before? If yes, what was your experience ? Was it great? 
  • I always have more than one ad network active. I get more fillrate, closer to 100%, and if something happens and the app gets banned, my users still see ads from the other ad networks.
  • I appreciate your response @anteos I will consider trying it out too. :)
  • Hey @anteos and @akadone2
    Now you can add one more ad option - Andromo Ads. Learn here about this option.
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