App rejected due to Google Play Ad

What do you guys when your app is rejected due to an ad showing on your app from Google admob is not compatible with your app content rating? 


  • You should first be *very* cautious of putting out apps that say they are suitable for children etc. If you do, you then need to be very aware of Google Play policy on that subject. You most certainly will have to adjust the types of ads you are allowing via your AdMob control panel. Much better to err on the side of caution.
  • Thanks. Most of my apps are G rated just because of the nature of content. To up the ratings to higher age levels, you have to say you have violence, nudity, swearing and all kinds of stuff. Hard to do. 
  • That’s not actually true... I’d recommend you read over the ratings guidelines again for clarification. However, my point is that if you say your app is for a G audience, then you definitely need to be extra careful with your ads. 
  • I had the same problem. However I have been accepted on the second attempt.

    My app is cataloged as PEGI 3 (E audience). 

    As precaution I have blocked the following categories in admob: Dating, References to sex and sexuality and Reproductive and sexual health.

    You think with this i´m ok?
  • In my experience, i just turn off ads sensitive category.on blocking control, adding some word on description then resubmit my app again.
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