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  • HajarElHabbazi

    I was trying to pay for my Andromo subscription for the current month And now I am surprised that I paid for the entire year. Therefor I would like you to refund the amount I paid please. I only want to pay for a single month not a year.

    Thank you.

  • HajarElHabbazi


    June 23
  • ahmadsofian


    I just want to let you know, even though there are some areas that V3 is a good apps building platform, I still think the V2 is much better if you compare apple to apple. I had so much problem in the V3 and upgrading to Ultra recently had not benefited me as an app builder. One of the feature that I liked most and used a lot in V2 is the Html Archive of which I had tried to moved to V3 unsuccessfully even after sending to support group to rectify. The link of the V2 apps on google play here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pianappdev.kalendarkuda2021 for you to make comparison. The package name under V2 is com.newandromo.dev7240.app89710 . I built this app using the old key but it does'nt work like the one in V3. I have a number of apps to move to V3 similar to the above but I put on hold as it is not working. I just would like to request you or your technical support staff to download and install https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pianappdev.kalendarkuda2021 to make comparison and rectify whatever there need to be so that it is solved across the board, rather than submitting ticket to support all the time. Time is the essence in apps building but apparently I had wasted a lot of time rather than making it productive.

    May 25
  • AsemDagamseh


    banner ads are not appearing in Custum Page and website activities ??

    May 19
  • MoreRealApps

    hi @RomanJuly I have a problem with the online audio player that works perfectly in andromo but does not work on any device. it loads a long time after which it gives a loading error. I contacted andromo and they checked the applications ..they say they all work on their device. I tested them on 3 devices with android 4, 10 and 11 with orange 4g vodafone connection, 1gb cable internet with wifi and nothing. I think they don't want to solve this problem now because they are working on the ios platform..from what I understood from their messages ..

    May 7
  • Dr.Vikram

    Website activity is not working properly in V3 builder apps, When the user goes to the website activity and presses the back button, the activity stops. This is a very serious problem. I am repeatedly urging you to fix it, but no response is coming from Andromo, I am very upset because my users are decreasing very fast. If you do not fix it, then I will be forced to leave this platform

    Package Name- com.homeomart.app.

    Activity name- website extension (activity name in app is Homeomart)

    May 3
  • ahmadsofian

    I had submitted a support ticket for each problem. But the problem kept on cropping up.

    April 30