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  • thanks for the new PN service, I was able to increase users engagement hence increasing daily revenue as well. Looking forward to have option to disable PN inside the app!
  • at the moment Im using the launch notice as this thread suggested (im using admob), and now im going to integrate AirBop for push notification. Do I need to make an adjustment to my consent or the current one should be enough? Thanks!
  • hello, when can we have a release with target SDK 26?
  • i've been waiting for some promo to re-sub as pro account but it seems that there were no promotion for quite some time (unlike the old days)..everything seems quiet, so i've been curious to what has been going on andromo? 
  • Thanks Daryl! would you elaborate more about this? Changed the timing in which interstitial ads are shown in order to be compliant with current AdMob guidelines. - See more at:…
  • I think we can use website activity, but I'm not sure thought since some channel require plugin to run well on browser. but might worth to try - create website activity and put url streaming. then build and test it to see if it can be played from yo…
  • Hey, recently one of my apps got enlisted into amazon developer select. anyone has any idea about this? I assume this is related with amazon fire phone but I'm not really sure what's the deal with it Congratulations! For meeting the basic De…
  • Hi,as long as you upload proper image resolution, i don't think there will be any problem with pixelate graphic on tablet
  • @mobilegameplay that's pretty impressive for a hobby! is that the revenue from total of your app? how many apps do you have? and how is it going with the advertisement? I've been using andromo for 2 weeks, releasing 4 apps with ads. so far I got $…
  • +1 for startapp, i really like to give it a try. I heard some good feedbacks in the forums regarding startapp
  • Hi I don't know if this is the case but you might want to check this policy guideline regarding external website. thought, the one that prohibited is the app whose primary function is to drive affiliate traffic to a website hope it helps!
  • I really would like to see these features: - Welcome screen, where DEV can customize any message that will be popped up upon launch of app - Sub category inside a category - it will be a huge addition in term of app structure, and we clearly n…
  • does anyone recently having issue submitting to samsung due to this policy changes?I made one account in samsung shop but never submitted one since then