What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Please, fix the bug

    Video continues playing after "Back button" pressed en RSS feed.
  • I really need cascading activity "pages".  There is a lot I can do with them.

    I think someone suggested a "default" activity or automatically loading it if there is only one.

    That could be useful too.
  • Timer for the Music activity. If a track is long, it would be nice, if you could set a 5, 15, 30 minutes for it to stop. It's a feature I get asked a lot by my users.
  • An option to "unpublish" an activity (just like on a WordPress powered site). For example, I don't need one Archive activity on a certain app store, but I will need it again later. The only option is to delete it now and then create it again.

    This would also solve the "duplicate" projects request. I too have now 3 versions (GP, Amazon, Samsung, Paid,...) of my same app and it gets confusing a bit.

    @mark, @lorne does this seem reasonable and doable?
  • an option to put the music activity on the locked screen and notification screen with pause forward/next close options
  • HUGE +1

    to @hendrixs "unpublish" suggestion!!!

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    Someone mentioned that creating an "upcoming" features list would be great and I think so, too. You could assign various statuses to it (Work / Pending / In Discusson / Dismissed / Finished...), maybe number of votes etc., so you can develop Andromo even more closely with your users.

    There would be many benefits to such a list (when someone new visits Andromo, they would immediately see, that things are active and happening, we current users could plan our future apps accordingly and have more sense of direction etc.).

    One of your strengths is that you really listen to your users needs and implement a lot of stuff we're asking for so why not use this also for marketing purposes?

    It's something worth to think about. :)
  • Cloning.  The ability to clone an existing app and change the name.
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    Pytch from ClickBank - http://www.pytch.com/mobile-app-developers/

    Similar to Amazon Mobile Associates, but even with a bigger potential. Please, this and Amazon Mobile Associates are potential game changers. I would not even run ads in apps that would have Pytch enabled.

    ClickBank has about 20% of products that are worth promoting and those are really good converting products. If you build a quality info app around that product, the potential is so much bigger than from ads alone.
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    Just came here to write about pytch ...
    Hendrixs you have been faster :-)
    Therefore another huge +1

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    Hehe, @sylviathewitch, we work in sync. ;)

    On a side note, I've sent you a message a few days ago - could you please check it out? Thanks.

    EDIT: Enabling PM's on this forum again would be nice. Custom profile images used to work also, but they don't now.
  • The RSS activity could do with an option to show the description from the feed. I use mine to show blog posts in the app and an excerpt from the article would improve it.
  • I think the podcast activity could also be improved. Options on how many downloads to keep, choose if you want to download over wifi only or wifi & mobile data.
  • Some kind of a service for free cross-promotion. AppsZoom has launched a service like that not long ago.

    "Dedicate part of your traffic to promote the apps of other developers
    from the network and they will do the same for your app in return. All
    for free! With the rest of the traffic, you can make money by displaying ads and get paid per install"

    There are also other providers.

    What do you guys think?
  • Option to choose whether to show banner ads on bottom or on top.

    If I have navigation buttons enabled in the footer of my HTML file (quiz questions) and the ads are shown at the bottom, this setup is not recommended by AdMob. It is allowed, but it could produce invalid clicks, so they don't recommend it.

    This is pretty big if you're using custom HTML for these sorts of things. Just like that option to enable/disable AdMob banners in WebView activity was also very welcomed.
  • Stop button in MP3 player (I know there is one in the Menu at Top of page but that seems strange to not have one next to Play button.
  • +1 for the stop button.
  • Definitely a sleep timer for the shoutcast activity please.
  • Can Andromo development team add instagram, Pinterest , converting website url to mobile friendly and Google plus activities.

    Thank you
  • Sleep timer and stop button. Huge +1.

    I'm getting more and more user requests for the sleep timer and the option of playing one soundtrack only.
  • It would be great if the andromo team could add an option to run a background service that could update the feeds after a specific interval which would be set by us, the app author, so that when the user opens the app, he/she finds fresh content most of the times and doesn't have to wait for the content to load.
    - See more at: http://forums.andromo.com/discussion/1136/background-updater-service-for-rss-based-app#Item_3
  • I would really like andromo to integrate video preview (or video gallery) when identifying media similar to photo feed in RSS at present.  I constantly embed videos & media into apps and also would like to see thumbnail support for such as well...Would also show high regard also for some kind of forum support.  I noticed some other members have also cried for this option as well as I have just recently opened one myself. 

    A few more ideas would be:

    * swipe or gesture features -> real cool!...

    * more options on dashboard & main screen using custom page -> media embeds + extra photo + hyperlink options - PLUS I also quite frequently use the HTML codebox - and re-code manually using HTML when using custom page as I like to design my own specifications & preferences

    * would like options (Y/N) on App info screen to use scaleable MAIN icons (S/M/L/XL) as an option (slider off/on) to suit all screensizes & devices!...

    * would like additional support concerning monetization (A FEW MORE options would be nice) -> I noticed many people also wanting -> So I wouldn't recommend push ads or the like due to mainstream & goole regulations but would like to try additional sources which are not limited to just one & also would like to use some adult ad companies with support as I could increase major revenue in specific apps as well!...

    *splash screen option (professional only) -> which includes loading bar - options for time sequence -duration & screen options...maybe PRESS a key to continue (or the like)

    * ability to create sub-headings from categories on main dashboard would be a nice PLUS+...many times I've embedded over 50 media videos or more contained within scrollable dashboard...Would like to keep it clean 7-10 headings- no media except under 1 heading only!...NOTE: I've also used the RSS feed more like a video feed this way as it updates on a monthly basis just like updates are meant to be!...

    * optional on-screen andromo image editor - could be used sometimes for teaks when I've already uploaded media & artifacts and realized that some of the images could use tweaking or simple adjustments before finalization. Not unlike what you could find with many website WYSIWYG builders!...

    * also would like to see user upload option - where users could upload their own media to (cloud or URL) in-app to specified destination complete with onscreen prompts & few simple options or (value columns) where andromo dev can specify what data needs clarification with each user upload!...

    Please take the time to consider these options guys...Thanks in advance

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    Option to link to devs website on About screen rather than just the Andromo User profile page.

    In RSS feed,  At the mo I read a feed then press back, it defaults back to top of RSS page rather than remembering the last position on feed page, if possible to do this that would be a +1

    When viewing a webpage after clicking RSS link, the +/- zoom is present by default, would be nice to have this optional.
  • I really would like to see these features:

    - Welcome screen, where DEV can customize any message that will be popped up upon launch of app

    - Sub category inside a category - it will be a huge addition in term of app structure, and we clearly needs it to make or organized app 

    - search box feature - it will be very useful especially for ebook apps

    - lastly - it will be great to have option to sort the order. i.e when creating a podcast, the recent post from the podcast is placed in above of the list. if we are about to upload podcast with parts, later part will be shown in above of the previous part
    • podcast part 3 - uploaded 3 may
    • podcast part 2- uploaded 2 may
    • podcast part 1 - uploaded 1 may
    It will be better to have the part one in top of the list instead of the last part, as people tend to read from above :)

  • Option to make dashboard icons translucent
  • Option when creating activity: Show on dashboard? Y/N
  • Option of file from URL in PDF activity.
  • ANother interesting thig may be to use the API for Google+ in ordr to add the Plus button in the app. Google recomend it.
  • Option to ad our own test devices. I have once seen a case where a guy was banned because too many of his own ads were displayed to him.

    This is how people add their test devices:

    AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder()

    .addTestDevice(AdRequest.DEVICE_ID_EMULATOR) // Emulator

    .addTestDevice("92B413D52EFADEE67EA4C3B6F88B55C7") // Phone
  • Any plans to implement support for Amazon TV? Thanks.

    Also, adding that "test device" function could prove beneficial. Google is ban-happy more than ever.
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