What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Also Leadbolt, PLEASE leadbolt.
  • @vyperapps Why do you want us to add Leadbolt? What is it that makes you think Leadbolt is worth adding to your apps?

  • @lorne I've been reading a lot of blogs and various forums and it seems like one of the biggest money makers is leadbolt. Frequently doing better than admob based on the genre of app. My biggest issue is I have over 10k installs across 4 apps and no way to monetize with your current advertising options. I've been told leadbolt is more forgiving about app content and pays well.

    @pixelpower Thanks! I will try it out, I was under the impression this would only work if I used HTML activities? I work with andromo's image galleries and I'd rather not have to start everything from scratch just to try out a new advertising medium.
  • @vyperapps We've actually tested Leadbolt several times and we did not find that the reality matched the claims we've seen.

    As I wrote in another thread, there's a lot of old information and misinformation about ad networks out there. There are many ad networks that performed well in the past before the Google policy changes, but that no longer do.

    We've tested many ad networks that we haven't released because they didn't perform well enough, did distasteful things, or were implemented poorly and would make a poor impression.

    Can you send us some links to the information you've seen? If there is recent evidence that Leadbolt performs well in a specific genre we might reevaluate our decision.
  • @lorne Instead of another ad network, because not implement exit ads?

    We are focused on revenue but I think now is also necessary to find new activities, we have more than a year without adding any new.
  •    I think exit AD's are against google TOS but Iam not %100 sure. Yes we do need more activites hopefully game activities since we have a lot of app activites already.
  • Yes we need more activities but the one thing i believe has been asked for many times by many people is different dashboard options.  I know @pixelpower has great tutorials on using HTML (I also use HTML...) but we need to keep our apps looking fresh, we need a homescreen with Tabs, Swipe etc like the options you get in Eclipse.  Also, i would like there to be an activity which is basically a dashboard!
    I want my dashboard items to link to another dashboard because then i can use the main dashboard activities as category headers. (without having to resort to using HTML.

    Please bring us new dashboard options - this is a good way to freshen up an app, because you can't always just add new content.

    May be the banner on the dashboard could be swipeable
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    Hm, I like Andromo's dashboards (better than 95% of app making services out there), but yeah, some new options/re-freshing would be nice. :)

    @pixelpower: I too think that exit ads are a thing of the past. I believe they are not allowed anymore.
  • I would love to see a "dashboard activity" that could then link to either other dashboards or other activities.

    I too an using an HTML archive as my landing activity to customize my app's look but this would definitely be a great feature to give everything a different look as well.

    And if we could incorporate swipe gestures into that for navigation it would be great.

    One last thing, maybe a "Fan Wall" where users can post comments or upload their photos for viewing?  I know that would probably require a bit more options than what are available (like a centralized database to store the info) but it was just a thought.
  • I would like to see the option to clone a project would make life a lot easier .
  • My top priority would be to put an option to have banner ads only on dashboard. It would be perfect to improve user experience. Please develop this option :)
  • Multilanguage 

    Less use of memory in RSS  reader. Somemetimes is more than 300 MB

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    I would love a few more basic features for the image gallery function. Like perhaps sorting options (sort by name, by date, ascending, descending). I deal with a large number of images from various sources and it would help with finding duplicates or finding my place when i go to update my app with new images!

    Also adding a "save as" option to the image gallery functions has been heavily requested by my users. They know they can text the images to themselves but if they just want to save one it's a bit of a round about way. Maybe this option could be enable/disable able?

    Also, I'm not sure if this is already a feature but can we have our apps able to notify people of more recent versions? Like on open they would say "A new version is available, would you like to update now" with a link to the play store listing!
  • I know i may be pain in the ...sss for repeating this but if you manage to import airpush ad network in andromo you will be by far the best no coding app business worldwide. I'm not exaggerating because admob and airpush are the most profitable ad networks on the market today far away from the rest. If the user of andromo have both they will have unique advantage on the market.

    I recommend to consider it seriously.
  • Lock the dashboard horizontally or vertically. Only one type of background image can be used for the dashboard (unlike for banners) and if you optimize it to fit the icons and everything, it all gets out of promortions, when the device is turned horizontally.
  • Please, add geolocation option to website activity.

    It can be interesting if in website activity we could select several android options as geolocation, or other as we can need in some websites.
  • An option to add STARTAPP ads to the apps. :)
  • Multiple image uploading into the gallery, not 1 by 1. When you have 500-800 pictures to share, it could cause a massive headache. :)
  • Pls fully support HTML 5 especially local storage so I can have an offline app save some user data across html pages.
  • Ability to select whether ads are shown on each web activity
  • When a new version of Andromo comes out - Can you specify what level of Android it requires.
    I have noticed that the latest version needs Android level 2.3.3 (I need this info for uploading to Samsung / Opera etc) where it asks me to specify the android level.
    May be you already do this and I have missed it (probably).
  • About activity has a slight problem with banner images. No matter what the size is of my image, it's always heavily zoomed in.
  • Most of what I want (so far) has already been asked, but consider this list a +1 for those features that have already been asked for, and suggestions for any that haven't been :)
    • Parent/Child Activities - The ability to have an "index" activity list that can link to another activity list would be great.  Then I can compartmentalize my content.
    • A means to access In App Purchases - I would like to have podcast episodes available via the app for $.99 a show or something like that.  Even just a means to unlock the app and "go pro" or "update to paid version" would be great.
    • A "What's New" popover that is displayed when an app update occurs on the device.
    • The ability to let the user hide activities they may not want to see. (long press -> hide; restore with an entry on the menu softkey)
    • Push notifications would be GREAT; even if it is just a JSON pull from our own server, that would be great. +1
    • Integration to G+, Google Photos.  I know you can use the mobile version via webpage ... be nice if it were something innate.
    • Auto increment on each build +1
    • Exit button off the menu softkey +1
    • Google Calendar +1
    • Some sort of forum support would be nice +1
    • A very simple, basic scripting language would be great.  Nothing crazy.  Ability to set/get variables (+1) - I'd love to be able to cache login info for my website within the app so I can "auto login" people to various parts of my site (similar to what lizquilty mentioned).
    • Basic online emulator (+1) - nothing ACTIVE, just a "preview" render.
    • Partner with someone that can export our stuff to that lesser OS for a fee.  I mean, once I tweak my app perfectly, I'd pay $100-$200 or so to export it to some other company and have them pump it out on App Store.
    • Be cool to have a beta tester system in here where I can have emails sent out DIRECTLY to my beta testers with a link right after a build happens.  Yes yes, Google Play will handle that, but they have HOURS between pushes sometimes.
    BTW, is there an upgrade path to the higher tier if we've signed up for the middle service tier?

    Thanks for this - it is really helping me out.
  • @hendrixs I tried out a few images in the About activity today and didn't notice anything different. IIRC they use the centerCrop scaletype if the image is larger than the area allotted, so that the image will not be distorted but instead "zoomed in" to fill the entire width of the screen. This is different from how the banner images on the dashboard behave, for instance. However feel free to open a support ticket if you're seeing something you think is weird.

    @darkuni: thanks for the list! Every extra +1 helps. :)

  • I'm only on Day 1 :)  I'm sure I will have plenty more, @lorne ...
  • @lorne: Thanks for the center crop info. Now I understand this issue. I use a Galaxy Note 1 for testing my apps (800x1280 screen resolution) and the recommended image sizes (for About activity) will always be zoomed for me. However, if I test the same app on a higher resolution (in Genymotion you can try Galaxy S4, Note 3, and similar devices), the image is fine. Nevertheless, it seems that the image can't be shown properly on devices with smaller resolution. I like the solution that is used for banner images on the dashboard much better.
  • Need ASAP: optional banner ads for website activities
  • @tamworthheat that one is in the works.
  • Any chance of a flag to remove the DOWNLOAD button from the podcast activity?  I know it isn't "proof against downloading", but it would stop the casual users.  I would use that in a LITE version of my app, whereas the PRO version could download.
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