What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • allow us to vote on feature requests, so you admin folks can see at a glance what features/suggestions are most requested, in order to prioritize your development.
  • Can you add folder feature or activities group feature?
  • I don't think Andromo is going to implement folders feature anytime soon but I can make a demo of it using HTML.
  • We really need: More ad networks. Admob is great but tapgage is not even worth the time right now. I'd rather have no ads at the rates they pay..

    In app purchases are HUGE!! I can't believe we are still behind on this one. It's quickly become the best way to make money with apps and we don't have it yet!! C'mon guys, this should be number one!
  • I suggested in app purchase already. Huge need for it .
  • I think more ad networks is more useful. There are loads of advertising opportunities out there. Try out checking some, discuss with Google people on their status maybe so we aren't in for more surprises and then add them.
    I am quite interested to try new monetizing opportunities, especially some which could pay to Paypal.
    But if its done, it should be done properly!

    At the moment I cannot think of how in-app would help me, personally, but I can indeed say that many people here are looking forward to it.
  • AdMob is still one of the best if not the best paying ad network. There is also a common consensus about AppLovin and StartApp - both are paying and performing well. MobileCore would be next and then the others.
  • ability when you switch from web page to web page the info stays between pages, for instance when you use a website that requires a user name and password, every time you go from one page to another you have to re enter password or user name.
  • Pls get a subdomain and some "feature voting" software (e.g. uservoice.com) instead of using a thread like this to have people post features. The top ones will quickly appear this way.

    This blog post on one of the vendor sites
    summarizes some of the offerings and there's probably an open source one for free out there...
  • @pdog I hear you but I will put some perspective to what I see. In this thread there has been constant feature request and only %25 percent actually get put into practice. This is more of an idea thread , most of it is just people getting things off thier chest about what they want. Andromo has a roadmap of what they want to accomplish and will follow that roadmap. If your idea fits into that roadmap then you will see it come to fruition.
      There are exceptions like because of HTML becoming popular Andromo put a tutorials and resources section. I know that wasn't in thier roadmap , but they did it because of high demand.  I do agree officially we do need IAP for our apps. I can make a game that has 20-30 levels and if they want 20-30 more they will have to purchase IAP.
  • Could you add  GeoLocation on HTML 5 on the web browser or the HTML archives please ? 
  • New ads - Millenial!
    Hmm. I hadnt heard of them, maybe soon a thread will be posted. I am ready to publish an app and was thinking to add them as well, but I better wait.
  • @anteos They are very large mobile ad network:

    In the ad network segment, not much has changed. Google still holds the top spot ($243 million). One change is that Millennial Media ($151 million) has taken over Apple ($125 million) to claim the number 2 spot. Jumptap remains number 4 ($90 million).

    From: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS24063113

    Since that post (in April, 2013) Millennial Media has purchased Jumptap for $225 Million.
  • I will definitely try them then.
  • @vyperapps @f1_fan What would you want to do with in-app purchases? How would you want to enable this within your app and what would you want to sell?
  • @mark

    I work primarily with image galleries: 
    IAP's would be a great way to sell "update" packs of 25 or so more images.
    IAP protected activities for things like purchasable playlists/songs.
    IAP to remove ads would be cool if possible..

    Those are just a few that come to mind but given the toolset I'm sure the community would come up with some great ideas!

  • Ability to "Save As..." for a project, so we can make copies of our apps.
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    1. Amazon Mobile Associates (selling products related to apps overall theme - info apps are very suitable for this type of stuff.
    2. Having individual copies of apps for different stores (GP, Amazon, Samsung,...)
    3. Manually editable social sharing button or updated sharing button for Samsung Apps at least

    Are there any updates available for these feature suggestions? Thanks.

  • +1 for Hendrixs last post.

  • @Mark I send you PM
  • edited January 2014
    oh btw, I would like to see some kind of coupons, managed from outside the app


    Games Services with the Google Play

  • I would like to have this for Amazon also:


  • @f1_fan sorry but I don't think that I got your PM. What would you want to do with the Game Services and GameCircle? How would you use them within your app? 
  • I am not sure that I would use it, but this suggestion seems interesting:
    Let us adjust with a percentage which ad network we prefer.
    For example select 70% admob interstitial over 20% millennial and 10% tapgage
  • @mark, basically my game was rejected from Amazon Developers selection due to not having Game Circle included. Game circle(Amazon)and Game Services (Google) are for users to sing up with social network account plus those features gives users leaderborads.
    IAP - I have few options in my game where I could use IAP for user to buy digital goods... Mark if you have a look into your profile you should see my message

  • @f1_fan I can't seem to find your message, try emailing me: markATandromoDOTcom

  • I would also love to have a very simple option to allow the user to change the icon of the app! I've had a couple people request the ability to "hide" the icon of some of my apps (sexy ones) and I'm not sure how to make it happen with the current andromo!

    Also password protecting activities or the whole app would be nice.
  • make it easy to upload more pictures on one time..right now u need to upload one by one..it takes your time to do this if u want  to upload many pictures..
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