What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • @clwydian: It works for me fine. Make sure you choose under App Info -> Target -> Amazon. It only doesn't work for links which show all your apps. If you link to another, single app on Google Play, which is also available on Amazon, it should work.

    @straybullet: I've also asked for a native video player, because we could then display ads, but showing ads, while playing video, is against Google's TOS. I don't have the link anymore, but Colin sent it to me, so that explained all I needed to know. :)

    Single YouTube player is something I would need, too.

    Btw, are you using ShiVa 3D? Do you program your games "manually"? Thanks.
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    I could be wrong, but I believe Colin was specifically referring to showing a "YouTube" video on a page using their API. Yes, showing ads is against YouTube's policy if the video is the majority of the page's content. I don't think that applies to videos in general though (such as using the native player and your own content), however I haven't looked into Google's policies in that aspect.

    While I understand wanting a single video option as well, I just wanted to point this out in case anyone didn't know it was possible. It is possible to show specific videos in a list without creating a channel, as described in the following post:


  • @darryl: Thanks for all the info.

    Playing videos in a native player with ad support could provide a big earning potential. If it's possible, could you please put it on your "requests" list? :)
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    Not sure if the lord Google has issues with playing a video outside of YouTube with ads, but I don't care there are other options out there besides the penny per click Admob 

    Again a Native Player would be nice, Leadbolt wouldn't care about videos & ads being mixed. Google is a bunch of hypocrites anyways, what's ok today is disallowed tomorrow and you will not often know the rules changed until its too late. 

    So Admob is used due to the lack of other Ad Networks in Andromo, if LeadBolt was integrated Admob would take a back seat. I hate Google more and more by the day, they are a bunch of thieves if you do a little research, you will find that Android is just one example of others IP they "borrow" from and then they act all high and mighty. "Do no evil" my butt.... Anyways, native video player please

    hendrixs yes I do use Shiva3D for creating game apps and its all from scratch, Unity 3D is my second tool of choice for game apps. Corona, do not like the company attitude

  • Yes Google took a kernal off of Linux and called it android. Then Google had problems because they didnt steal enough from linux and ran into a problem which running memory doesn't get dumped properly, hence why most of thier phones crash alot.
       The only good thing is that android is fully customizable with the least effort.Iphone and windowsphone7&8 are a b!tch to customize fully.
  • An Activity that is basically a list.  Being able to provide a list of links with a title, subtitle/description with a thumbnail image alongside each list item.  

    This would be very useful for me to be able to provide targeted links neatly arranged in a list - great!

    It would look like Media RSS i suppose but without having to use RSS or custom page to achieve it

  • I know this has already been stated, but more advertising networks please.
  • Make a tutorial, with clases about, how to know every feature of andromo. I like the instructions that you give, but a tutorial with quizzes, videos, etc, will be great to really learn everything of this fantastic site. 
  • @straybullet: thanks for the answer. Looks quite hard. :) Where do you get the graphics from?
  • I really enjoy your service,in fact,you have been the best android
    application creating website have seen for now,but please how do i embed
    a simple chat zone into my application,where users of my application
    and i can interact with ourselves..thanks for your anticipated support..
  • RSS Media - When it fails to pull a thumbnail - don't show default icon (instead show no thumb)
  • I would appreciate to be able to alter certain dialogs within an app such as: settings-menue or the message-templates within the new share-options ("check out..."). I really need to translate them to Dutch, French  and German language. Especially the French highly recommend to be addressed in their own tounge ;) 
  • Have each activity identifier on the Activity List page (Glyphicons_halflings_143_link andromo://youtube30728).
  • Sliding images in the banner area
  • Ability to set default notification settings for cloud messaging
  • integrate xml in app

  • More Ad Networks than Admob!
  • Ability to select which items appear on the dashboard
  • Have more than one dashboard/menu screen - With icons on the Main dashboard linking to these sub menus
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    Ability for users of the App to interact with other users - chat/send images... /location
  • I'd like to have more customization options on the dashboard.  Maybe a sidescrolling menu or even allow for submenus (I have to get creative in how I list my activities as some really could be a sub-item of another one, it would look more professional that way).
  • We need video and audio embedding for HTML archive activities!
  • +1 we really need video and audio embedding for HTML archive activities!!
  • This is a tiny request, due to the fact that its been annoying me for a while. For the html/web activity is it possible to set the scroll bar style to SCROLLBARS_INSIDE_OVERLAY  to get rid of the white bar to the right of the background. 

  • The Ability to set the default "Notification Settings" for Cloud Messaging = Very Useful.
  • sopcast integration will be great .
    SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use. Let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth.

  • It would be great to have a refreshed look to the dashboard options.
    if you look at basic templates for Apps using Eclipse etc you get these basic options:

    Sliding / fixed Tabs with swipe content.
    Full screen, no Tabs, no swipe.
    Or Detail view, with swipe.

    The ONLY thing about Andromo that I would really say should be on the TO DO list for the Andromo Devs is this!

    I absolutely love Andromo!
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    I'm currently listening live to Amazon's webinar about Amazon Mobile Associates API - guys, this is golden, please consider implementing in to Andromo.

    It would enable us to sell Amazons products via affiliate relationship.
  • I agree with hendrix s - That would be amazing!
    @hendrix s - Are you joined up to the Amazon-Affiliate program (web links that you can put in your App) They work a treat for me, I have a link to an article comparing the PS4 to XBoxOne and another link to Amazon for people to Pre-Order.  I get 4% commission and 3 people have ordered the PS4 earning me £65 ($85) in just a week!
  • @tamworthheat: Yes, I got approved recently, and I'll start building apps/websites, which will be suitable for including Amazon products.

    Congrats on those sales! It's good to know this stuff works. :)
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