What would you like to see added to Andromo?



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    Also, maybe adding support for Samsungs App Store (just like you did for Amazon), would be nice to have. And of course those duplicate/clone projects. ;) (for creating free versions, with limited content, and full versions, which include everything).

    However, Amazon's Mobile Associate's API would be currently probably most beneficial.
  • @hendrixs @tamwortheat did you make your own code to implement amazon affiliate? if so, could you post a thread showing how to put the amazon affiliate program into practice?

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    @bruins1993: I don't use affiliate links in my apps yet. I'll wait for Andromo to (hopefully) implement Amazon's new solution, which should prove a more seamless user experience. Their webinar was FANTASTIC! It's a gold mine, I'm sure.
  • I suggest to add the posibility of submenus, please
  • ads for adult app

  • I would like to see an activity for facebook messenger or google talk.
  • I would love to see a sleep timer for the shoutcast radio.. that would be epic and would make andromo... PERFECT!
  • Hi guys,

    any news in regard to the option of "cloning" our apps? It's a great feature for making free/paid apps and it would also help in preparing apps for different app stores (I'm now on GP, Amazon, Samsung, and there are many more to check out).

  • i would love to see Gamecircle implemented!!! really i would be happy with any of the other amazon api's to find their way into andromo.
  • I hope I can make my apps more than 3 gb so how can i do that?
  • Once an app with many activities is starting to fill up, it would be useful if there was a button/flag next to each activity, through which we can indicate if this activity is already completed and needs no additional work.

    What I tend to do is create the various activities and then starting filling in the info. Such flag would be really awesome and seems not hard to create.
  • I would like the ability to have activities that dont show in the dashboard menu
  • i would like to see an events button my app with full description and that can set reminders on my calendar and the option to add and update the events without the  option to re-install the app allover again every time i make changes on the app.   
  • List of what would be nice.
    1. Live viewer so you can see direct the changes made
    2. A popup with a sample on the different options available
    3. Use of facebook events calender auto download a calender so it stays updated
    4. Use of facebook imagemap
    5. Option to build as Iphone/Windows app
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    +1 live viewer
  • independent alternative to admob : Amazon its for US and mobpartner its linked to google play.
    we need something reliable 
  • +1  I would like the ability to have activities that dont show in the dashboard menu.  The purpose is to then link to them in a custom page, so that I can nest menus 
  • mobile ads :

    Millennial Media
  • More Advertising Networks and cloning app function.
  • A way of storing some unique user data on the device and use it in a webpage feed. 

    A simple number would do or a small string.

    This will allow to relate a phone to a online users account
  • Amazon 
    Mobile Associates API

  • Amazon Mobile Associates API would be another big upgrade just like AdMob Interstitials are. We could build info apps with products to sell.
  • Yes, Mobile Associates API would be great!
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    Sound Board. 
    To do list.

    I want to creat something like this. Well i allready did in MIT however 5 MB limit ruined all my dreams to make ID app for birds of Latvia.Yes i know i can use web - but i want this app mostly to be a offline app.
    My app. When i click on bird picture - opens sub screen with information about bird. When i press on button with bird name a bird song plays, when i click on another button player stops. and i wanted to have another button and tiny db so user can add it to observation list.

  • Need Activities that don't show on Dashboard.  
  • MOBPARTNER is now offeringan Apwall and Intersstitial ads. Please make it possible to integrate them
  • Honestly after what Google did I wouldn't try to integrate anything other than Admob atleast for the Google Play market. Anywhere else is fine, but keep it to using website activities to link to offer walls like everbadge and direct CPI offers etc to monetize your apps alongside admob when using the Google Play market.
  • @lookzor ;        I am not longer on GP, they banned me long way ago, 5 months ago, and I have not been able to restore my profits, too bad for me =(, I hope better luck this X-Mas. 
  • qr code scanner and handler. This would add the ability to make use of qr scanning to perform tasks such as display special areas of one site or sign up for stuff.
  • Podcast support. ( real podcast support) with a player that can handle VIDEO files, not just Audio files.
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