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  • Yeah something like that, but yes multiple accounts. And as I said only connection between account was that SC reseller. I decide to buy new Andromo subscription for every new developer account which I open, just to be sure that apps will be separat…
  • I have sutuation where I lost 3 accounts because Seattle Cloud builder leave some kind of footprint, I got 3 apps suspended at one accoutn and google ban other two which are opened at my sister and one friend and both account have apps and receive p…
  • You can open 10 Google developer accounts at 10 different names and that is ok with Google rules. NOT MULTIPLE accounts, 10 accoutns at 10 real persons. From some experience I KNOW that Google can connect account with same builder even if other 9 ac…
  • That will be fine, search option is something that we all need in apps.
  • If we have 100 activites then great thing is search option, if someone want to search something like radio station from activites
  • Do you all use "Require several interactions before showing an interstitial ad" option for interstitial? Is some difference in revenue with that option checked?
  • szymon247 i really dont know which problems you have and which stations was a problem. I have radio apps over 3 years and never have a problem with radio stations or get sued or anything. And keithco I realize that too, many radio stations change s…
  • You need much more impressions for some results. Also revenue depends from which countries you have traffic. I have $1.26 ECPM overall.
  • Anteos my balance is over $200 now, after 1th they will send mail to me for invoice, right? What I should do next? And when MC will send payments? Thanks
  • I have few radio apps similar to yours Koiribku and now i'm dont know what to do. Settings are same, AdMob interstitial will popup and user can accidentally click on it. Maybe I will turn off interstitial ads for that apps.
  • Same app, same period, banners + exit ad from Startapp: Revenue $41.25     Impressions 151,312     Clicks 5,260     eCPM $0.27
  • REVENUE $87.09     IMPRESSIONS 53,422     CLICKS 8,348     ECPM $1.63 Last 9 days with one of my apps. AdMob disable ads at that app and now I use Startapp and Mobilecore. And this earnings is much better then Admob interstitials before. Still, i'm…
  • I believe that you arent from MC, your answer to me at MMW too. Thanks, I will try it.
  • Anteos did you still use MC? I hesitate to try MC because i'm afraid that GP can ban my apps or Admob earning will mess up. How much payments you get from MC? Thanks for answers.
  • I'm at old Admob and receiving payments via Payoneer ACH service. Last 4 months that payment arrive before 13th in month but this one late too much. Also friend of mine also waiting for payment, so it's not only for me. I will wait few days more.
  • I still waiting for ACH, last for was before 13th but this late too much.