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  • Trying out ‘jankb’s’ solution for which I’ve inserted some screen captures * Open Google Maps entering your post/zip code * Write click on resulting red pin and on the drop down menu select Lat/Long * Highlight the lat/long that appears in the re…
  • Issue's still there today Hopefully resolved soon - With hundreds of address's to input for a specific project, I dread having to look up the latitude/logitude for each one on Google maps, and then re-writing the address's with the lat/long results…
  • - After posting the above on the forum, I now get co-ordinates, but with multiple address's only the one flag appears! So I built the app to see what would happen on the phone. My location being the United kingdom the map appeared when the activity …
  • 2nd App posted onto Google play last Thursday... Monday now, and I've clocked up 2900 downloads - over 1k active - So cool! 5 star comment's! 14,0000 requests and short of two dollars. I wouldn't be this chuffed if it was a thousand.... Although I w…
  •  Mark, I'm so chuffed that I've started looking into programming course's.  I'd like to get into the bones of it. I don't know how far I'll get, but I'll give it a damn good shot. HTML, JAVA,  that'll keep me going for years it looks a bit like Arab…
  • 55 yrs old, started messing three weeks ago, and just posted my 1st app to google play this week. Nothing fancey but my wife thinks I'm a genious! Now looking into the HTML Archive activity for the next venture!!! Happy days!
  • Fantastic! - I actually don't want it to link to other sites.  I just want a multiple page activity in the device, rather then a long list of icons.I do believe I have a disc with Dreamweaver hidden away somewhere...  I'll have to do some rummaging!…
  • Love to see a customisable calculator facility. Add to a productivities page. Example = Able to customise formulas to calculate time required against work on hand. Would be useful in so many different ways