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Interstitial ads

Hello guys, since I used many andromo apps from play store, I noticed that Admob Interstitial ads show up only one time. Is it possible to make them show several times ? I mean after every page in the app the interstitial ad will show up. Thank you.


  • You would get 100% uninstall rates if you were to do that... that being said, you can set the time interval on the Monetiation tab of your project.

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  • Yes I have that in mind, 1 time only is too little I was thinking maybe three times ? Is it possible with andromo ?
  • colinadams... i think you just have to answer the question.. to be app uninstalled is others matter. I have apps in another platform too with has  interstitial more than one times and the uninstalled of app in low. thanks!
  • You can have an interstitial show every 2mins, this is the minimum setting.
    When the 2 mins have passed, next change of activity will trigger an interstitial. It won't just show, out of the blue, an ad when 2mins are completed.
  • @colinadams this is not the case, i have none andromo apps that shows int adds many times, uninstall not effected, i think you should give us that option
  • Interstitials appear in-between activities - specifically as you leave an activity. You can have one shown every 2 minutes at the most.
  • Shame we can't have the options of 30 seconds and 1 minute also for interstitial ads. Other platforms have 10 seconds and hardly any more uninstalls compared to Andromo from my experence and many, many others. 

    At least give us that option of 30 seconds and 1 minute.
  • I agree with tones702, you should give the option to at least be able to put 1 minute between interstitials. It is an important issue.

    You should implement it and after each user decides how much time to put.

    Thank you.
  • Yes, I use seattle clouds and the Interstetials appear at click of each activity- Be it after 5 seconds or 10 seconds or 1 minute.
    This is one of the Primary reasons andromo apps don't make us lot of money inspite of lots of downloads coz Interststials frequency is too low.
  • That’s how you get people to uninstall your apps and make $0... if an app comes up between every tap, you think that would be good?
  • colinadams I totally disagree with you about get people to uninstall your apps and make $0. I have stop building apps on Andromo for the last 3 months because of this issue. I update the ones I build previously. There is no point in building new apps and putting so much effort and getting little rewards with Andromo set up with Interstetial Ads. Okay not 5 or 10 seconds but at least have 30 seconds option and 1 minute options otherwise it's not worth the effort. Very frustrating.
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