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Interstitial ads

Hello guys, since I used many andromo apps from play store, I noticed that Admob Interstitial ads show up only one time. Is it possible to make them show several times ? I mean after every page in the app the interstitial ad will show up. Thank you.


  • You would get 100% uninstall rates if you were to do that... that being said, you can set the time interval on the Monetiation tab of your project.

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  • Yes I have that in mind, 1 time only is too little I was thinking maybe three times ? Is it possible with andromo ?
  • colinadams... i think you just have to answer the question.. to be app uninstalled is others matter. I have apps in another platform too with has  interstitial more than one times and the uninstalled of app in low. thanks!
  • You can have an interstitial show every 2mins, this is the minimum setting.
    When the 2 mins have passed, next change of activity will trigger an interstitial. It won't just show, out of the blue, an ad when 2mins are completed.
  • @colinadams this is not the case, i have none andromo apps that shows int adds many times, uninstall not effected, i think you should give us that option
  • Interstitials appear in-between activities - specifically as you leave an activity. You can have one shown every 2 minutes at the most.
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