How to enable irc chat in andromo app

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Hi there, I have created a radio app for an internet station for Fokus FM And I wondered if there was away to enable an in the app to make it easier than trying to use the android web browser to join the chatroom. Also rather than the users downloading apps like AndChat or Androirc. Is there a way to enable the chat in an Andromo app it would also make my app more professional and make my app really cool.

Thanks in advance :) 


  • Any Help or Suggestions will be really appreciated thanks.
  • Many of these kind of services have web widgets so you can integrate them into your website.  It would work like that if anything whereby you would write an HTML page with their code included and use the "Archive" feature in Andromo... I'm not familiar with particular service but may be they do something like that... :)

  • OK thanks ill have a look into that then thanks for your help. ill let you know if it works.
  • How do I know what codes I need as I have no coding skills and this is something I am learning. Or do I just copy all the codes and paste them in the HTML archive page?
  • So I have the codes I need but it's asking for a .zip archive how do I make the codes into a .zip archive? i'm new to the HTML archive section in andromo.
  • You will need to write an HTML webpage (with source code added from your service).
    When you've done that, If using Windows, right-click the HTML file and choose "SEND TO - compressed file (zip)", or if you have other files the HTML page needs to operate then highlight them all and send to zip.

    This is the zip-file you'll upload to Andromo.

    Basic HTML page will be like this;

    <HTML><HEAD>...</HEAD><TITLE>...</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>Content goes here</BODY></HTML>

    If you know nothing about writing HTML there should be help available from the help section of the web service you're using about how to create a page.  Or you can use or other services to get someone to do it for you :) - Any questions... just ask!
  • thank you colinadams, tamworthheat for your help and support my v1.4 app is looking sweet. One last thing I've tested v1.4 and it all works and the chat works fine, but how can I change the code so that the widget is optimized to screen size for phones/tablets. If need I can copy the code here if it would help. 
  • Sorry the code got automatically hyper linked. 
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    I'm not sure if you need to use the iframe tag (sometimes it is necessary) but if possible, I would use a div tag, such as; 
    <div display:block; height="auto"; scrolling="no" src="http..."></div>
    or a span tag (replacing div with span).
    Worth a try...
  • I need the iframe tag the div or span tag doesn't work thanks for your time and help, my users will just have to zoom in and out when using the chat. 
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