Not just an Android App Maker - Blackberry Playbook Too! Just one issue...

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Hi - I just created a great app that runs beautifully on Android. 

I repackaged it on RIM's Playbook development website, and it runs fantastic on a Playbook as well! I submitted it to the Blackberry app store and got some feedback:

App is fully functional, but cannot be accepted due to the little banner add for Andromo that states "create Android apps without programming". RIM accepts repackaged Android apps but requires any mention of Android removed.

So my questions is - will Andromo ever change that banner to something more generic? perhaps "Create apps without programming"? That would be great since it's extremely easy to repackage APK files to BAR playbook files (can be done in a couple of minutes at

Thanks for any feedback!



  • Can you explain the process on how you did it? I did the app but i do not know how to sent it to RIM

    Please advise. Thank you

  • jma10,

    You have to repackage the app at and click on "repackaging tools". There are a number of tools and I like the "Online Tool" since it's the easiest and quickest (takes a couple of minutes). I just followed the instructions.

    To submit apps you need to register as a vendor, and again, have to follow their instructions.

    However, my app was rejected by RIM due to the Andromo banner ad that appears briefly at startup, because it specifically says "Android". I'm hoping the Andromo team changes this banner app to something more generic.

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    Hope to get a response from the Andromo team :)
  • Hey Guys,

    I responded in another thread but I'll reply here as well. Some Andromo apps have already been accepted by RIM:

    We've change the text on the default Andromo ad so that it no longer mentions Android. Re-build your app on, repackage it, and then resubmit it to RIM and you should be approved.

  • Mark, thanks for the reply. I repackaged the app and tested it, and SUCCESS! The banner is now perfect!! Thank you! Submitting to RIM now.

  • Good to hear Hadi, you'll probably need to be patient as it seems as though it's taking RIM a long time to sort through all of the apps. But if you were approved in time I'm pretty sure you'll get that PlayBook eventually.

  • Update - my app was just approved by Blackberry for the Playbook :)
  • i dont have the Adnroid sdk installed so i cant move further pls help
  • I had the same issue --

    "Please note that there's should not be any Android mentioning on the Apps title, screenshot, icon, description and inside the apps itself, please remove the android words bellow your Android vendor logo "create android apps without programing" "
    i builded it on 16 March 2012

    help ?

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