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I assume this has already been discussed SOMEWHERE, but I figured I'd share the results since I'm new here.

After submitting the app to Amazon App Store, it comes back with only passing on non-Amazon Android devices.  All Kindle Fire devices show as FAIL with "force closes on app start".

Be nice to cover that market if possible.


  • You likely did not set the 'Amazon' target on the App Info tab before building...
  • Sigh ... to be the new guy .. will it break it with other devices?  i.e. do I need a special build just for Amazon?

    Thanks :)
  • I have had an app taken off sale on Amazon because a webpage it links to has a link to an App on iTunes.
    The email I received says:

    A recent audit conducted by Amazon revealed that the following app (xxx) published by you has / have failed one or more test cases as detailed below.
    It requires your immediate attention due to the following reason(s):

    Bug Description:When pointing to other apps or websites from within your app, including up-sells, ratings, version updates, or upgrades, our published policy calls for the completion of purchase to be from Amazon Apps.
    Steps to Reproduce:
    1.Install and launch the application.
    2.Tap on xxx (menu item).
    3.Tap on the link: 'Free App' which is at the top left corner.
    4.It links to iTunes.

    Please correct and resubmit as soon as possible.

    I just wanted to warn people just in case, because all this is, is a link to an app on i tunes. Websites quite often have links to their own android / apple apps. The only workaround I have is to link to a different page on the website (not good). But just so you know! :-(
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    Thanks for the share, @tamworthheat. Yep, Amazon got a bit stricter lately and they also warned me not to use images for Dashboard backgrounds, which get cropped, if you change the position from portrait to landscape. I had multiple apps like that on Amazon Appstore without problems, but now I have to change them. Anyway, I still find Amazon much, much more user friendly than GP. They warn you first and the warnings have no consequences.
  • And now I have (for the same app) a notice saying it has not passed the test as another webpage my app points to has a link to an app on GP.  Looks like my apps on Amazon just wont have as much content as the same apps on GP (oh well).  I'll be checking all my apps on Amazon so I don't get further issues :/
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