making app out of website

Hey I’m new to this and appreciate your help

– is there a
tutorial on best practice of taking a website (text, images, navigation, links)
and making it an app?


  • You can use the "Website Activity" and just point it to your website.
    If the website works offline, .zip it and upload as "HTML Archive".
    These are good options.
  • Wow, this really works - thank you @tamworthheat

    I've tested it out with both a wordpress site and a static html site, and andromo grabs the whole thing - really cool

    Of course, the original site's navigation is too small, so now I'm wondering how to make that workable
    - can buttons be assigned to correspond to existing navigation pages, or does it have to be broken down page by page somehow?
  • Ideal word create a mobile version of the site - took me a while but finally got it
  • Hey @jmac1963, sounds like that's what I'll have to do - what is your method for doing this?
  • If it is your site (that you can edit the HTML, you could try adding the following to the HEAD section:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0" />

    This should ensure the text is correct size for mobile devices etc
  • Too long to type everything here, but check out Responsive Web Design and the MEDIA tag.  I'm currently working on a block of code to handle the proper scaling of my jQuery Mobile web app and this technique is working very well.

  • Or just use free responsive website and adapt it, there are hundreds out there
  • I created my site with Concrete5 and one of their themes - not free but it worked for me.
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  • For your wordpress sites you can simply use the plugin "WP Touch"
  • WPtouch in is my experience the best plugin for mobile. And if someone needs a really good mobile picture gallery plugin, after testing 5 or so, I found GRAND Flash Album most suitable for my needs.
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    Thanks everyone for the great input -  a few more questions please:

    1.If I don't have access/login to the website and so can't edit the html
    2.The site doesn't have a mobile version

    - am I just stuck with tiny navigation and text for the website? (yes users can use +/- buttons but still…)
  • If you don't have access to the HTML edit of the site it is difficult.  One website I had in my App looked OK in landscape view but not portrait so a fix was to set the Landscape Only option in the Website Activity.

    It meant the users could only view it in landscape but that didn't matter for that particular App so was a cheap fix but it's not for everyone.
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