Favourite Andromo Feature?

Hi Everyone,

I was reading some of the comments we get here on the forums and on the Andromo blog and I came across some suggestions for new features, some thanks for the hard work, and some people that wanted more out of Andromo. Reading the posts and comments got me thinking a little bit about the apps that people are making and the features of Andromo that people are using, and wondering what features people liked the best or found the most useful.

So I thought I'd post a question here on the forums and see what Andromo Devs have to say. Here goes:

What is your favourite Andromo feature? OR what feature of Andromo do you find the most useful?



  • Just to prime the discussion I thought I'd answer the question myself:

    My favourite Andromo feature is the native runtime that it produces. I really like, and I'm really proud of, the fact that when you make an app with Andromo it looks like an Android app.

    The most useful feature for me is the RSS Feed activity, it lets me convert existing content into an Andromo app quickly and easily.

  • Mark - I agree with you about the RSS Activity. It's deceptively simple. There are so many cool things you can do with it, and Andromo really does this right. There are much 'easier' ways to deal with an RSS Feed than what Andromo does, but that's not good enough. We wanted to properly cache and update the data onto the Android device - much more work for us, but in the end it's all about how good of an app Andromo can make for our users...
  • This may not be the proper discussion to talk about this but since you both mention the RSS feed as your favourites I thought I'd mention my experience with the activity. I have created two apps so far and for both I have wanted to use RSS feeds from different websites as part of the package. For both apps I wanted to have two 'news' style links that I felt the RSS activity would be perfect for. For one app the feeds came from two different sites. For the other app both links were from the same site. Only for one of these sites could I get the feeds to display in a readable format. By that I mean displaying in such a way that you could actually read them. I tried every variation of option on the activity with no better results. When the sites pages opened up  - well even on a tablet they were just minuscule. I figure the problem was the feeds and not the activity but I am wondering if you came across this problem and how you dealt with it.
  • There are a lot of different 'flavors' of RSS for sure. Andromo is great at dealing with pretty much everything that gets thrown at it, but there will always be some 'oddball' cases. If you can post the URL for the problem feeds, we'll look into it.

  • Thanks - I'm not sure how much you'd be able to do - but it would be great if you could.
    From the following site any of these feeds except the video(leads to a signup page on the main website).

    From the following site two links

    Again I'm not sure how much you could do with these, they link back to the main site and displaying a website not designed for mobile access on a mobile screen is not straightforward. I won't go into my 'solution' here.
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