Airpush now paying developers 10 cents per install we should jump on this!!

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Airpush is offering a new package that doesnt pay per AD but install . Its 10 cents per install which is alot of money if you get downloaded alot.Andromo should get in contact with them as soon a possible.


  • I must to agree with this proposal, could be a huge jump for a lot of Andromo users.In the same time, Revmob must be added.I have apps which can't be monetized with Admob but Revmob allow them and I think are others in the same situation here.
  • I'm lurking on several other forums and I have two friends who make games (one has a company that makes games for bigger studios) and 90% of devs/publishers use AdMob or Chartboost (for games only) or a combination of both. There were times when other ad networks were better than AdMob (because they used now banned promotion tactics), but AdMob makes the most money by far to everyone I talk to.

    But, by saying that, I'm always open to try something new. ;)
  • That sounds a little too much like a couple other companies that Andromo recently used that paid per install - and caused a ton of trouble...
  • Sorry, I don't see this being adding to Andromo. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about programs like that. In my experience they generally require some red flag permissions and you have to question how/why they would be paying for installs of their sdk and their long-term compliance with Google Play. There may be no issue at all at the moment, but I'm not interested in taking that chance.
  • I agreed with Colin. We all remember pigjam fiasco don't we?
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