Help - Google account terminated

Hello everyone,
My Google account was recently terminated for "Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy".
My apps were free and paid versions of a mobile version of my blog, where I post daily news of Gundam kits and upload photos of fan submitted model kits under the alias "Gundam Exousia". I sourced all materials and credited all works to their receptive owners. 
I personally wrote all my posts and took the photos myself. The app was also connected to my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter page. 
These were all made by me. I never once stated that the news I received from the official sites were owned by me.

I advertised my app as a mobile as such so I did not try to deceive anyone.

I don't see why my account was terminated and when I wrote to Google they just told me that they will not reinstate my account, my development fee will not be refunded and that I shouldn't make another account and shouldn't contact them again...

Anyone want to help me?
What should I do now?
I've already subscribed to Andromo for a year... I feel like I wasted a lot of money here... :(


  • Ok well there are other stores so don't worry. Like That's the Opera AppStore start moving your apps there. They are not as strict as googleplay.
  • Unfortunately, GP is too quick to ban apps / accounts.  There are proper ways of dealing with intellectual property rights issues such as DMCA Notices.  GP should first insist that DMCA notices have been served and not just ban apps - but hey they're the big boys they do what they like!
    +1 for Opera (If you find you're not getting many downloads from Opera just spend $20 on serving ads, it seems to get traction for your app and bump starts downloads.)  Also, try Samsung but they also are strict.
    In fact, just go down the whole list from the link below and submit to as many as poss.

  • HI,

    I know there is a lot of people with a lot of experience, so I wanted to ask.

    I have in mind to make a tutorial app using youtube videos, for example, an app that teach you to fry eggs, and use youtube videos of people teaching different forms of frying an egg.

    My question would be, do you think google is going to ban this app? have anyone been banned for using youtube videos, not actually related with movies or music?

  • @gundam_exousia sorry for your loss, but my question is, was it just one app that led to the termination of your account?, cos you need to have two apps suspended before they terminate your account. the google Evil-robot is mostly wrong but unfortunately, there is no human to look into the matter, the same machine replied you some hours later, its not a human being. one time they made a mistake suspending a friends app sayings it sending affiate trafiic but its wasnt affilaite traffic, it was simple th ehome domain of the retail store and the retails store does not even have an affilaite program, tried telling them but same machine replied and said no way they are reinstating.... thats the problem with play store and all google product apart from adwords, since they get their money from adwords, they even had live chat for adwords advertisers.... so try other stores as said above, dont forget nokia store, for me its the new upcoming store and yes mobogenie should send me a mail yesterday and their developer portal is now open after some months.....IF you are still insterested in play store for other apps, which you should be, i already wrote a guide on how to get back.. follow it 100% and you publish other apps on a new play store account... see post here    all the best in your app business mate
  • DONT be fooled by the email scams offering to sell FRESH GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNTS.
    i have had a few now that offer, safe secure way of buying a new GP Account, using paypal etc
    It's a scam (all of them are), it may be obvious that it's a scam but for people who are desperate to get a new GP Account they may be tempted.  DONT BE TEMPTED :0) 
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