app update?

Hi I've just got my first smart phone last week and I've made a simply little app about the 6 a side football team I play in. This app would show you the league table and results and fixtures as well as having a link to our FB page. This would only really be of interest to me and my mates who play in the same team. My question is if I update this app with out it being on the market place will it need to be downloaded and installed again each time there's an update?


  • Hi Steve,

    That depends on where you information is coming from.

    For example if you update your facebook page, that information would be displayed in the app since the data is online.

    If you were to add another activity to your app, or change the contents of a custom page, your users would have to re-install the app manually in order to get the latest features.

  • Mark, if you create custom pages, and then update them, and upload the new .apk to Google Play, then will the app AUTO update with the new data?
  • You bet. Google Play automatically handles the updates for you. Now 'AUTO' updates is something the user chooses. You can never *force* someone to update your app. In the end, it all just works smoothly if you publish on Google Play.
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