Notify AD's: My take on thier service and why I reccomend them to everyone

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Hi guys like all of you I have been baning my
head searching for a decent AD network that pays well and on time. The
1st AD network I used was tapgage which after 66,000 impressions only
paid me $30 that I had to fight for. So then I left and progressed to
Leadbolt which was a much better service for 56,000 impression I made
$89 which was ok but then revenue started slowing down to 10 cents a
week. So After that I decided to search for a much better network and
the guys at notify contacted me. At first I was worried cause nobody
heard of notify but I took the risk and its paid off. In one month I had
15,000 imppressions and earned $70 . Plus they pay you everytime you
make $25 that friday. No net15 or net30 , you get paid good and on
time!! I highly reccomend this over any AD network I have seen so far.
No more  just plain cash. I got way more money with notify with
far fewer impressions.  
Company        Impressions      Revenue
Tapgage          66,000               $30
Leadbolt          56,000               $89
Notify              15,000               $70

Notify TriplePlay AD Revolution brings an exciting new to serve ADs. Instead of app walls or constant banners Notify has found a way to mesh both AD type's into one.Thus TriplePlay ADs was born a hybrid of banner,pop-up's,and app wall rolled into one.


  • hi there how can i put there adds to my apps using andromo?
  • @pixelpower: Thanks for the share - again, a very useful post. It's relieving to know that there are good alternatives to the main players.
  • How can we use the TriplePlay ADs in an HTML Archive? Is it set so that each "restart" of the game reloads the activity thus prompting a possible interstitial / TriplePlay? Is it possible to roll over the top score between activities? (Last I knew / heard of, this wasn't possible)
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    Ok to answer the questions

    1) To place notify ADs in your app contact Chris  here
         he is will ask what AD unit you will like. Then you send the apk to him and he will
    add the AD's to your apk and send it back to you. Same day service.

    2) Yes triple Play work in HTML archive . Most of my apps are HTML only apps.
  • So that consumers don't get annoyed by AD's , triple play comes at a random times. But you can ask Chris if he can implement that for you. I suggest not to because that would be annoying to users but yes you will make more money that way. 
  • Decompiling/modifying apps created with Andromo is against our terms of use, so if this is what's being done, you're going to want to stop.
  • @darryl I read the terms of service and don't see that in there. Furthermore number 7 in terms of service it says you can use outside services but any agreement with them must be separate terms.

    Besides that Andromo team in general should support members trying to improve each others situation. If you want us to be locked down to only the AD networks you support then that should be stated in your terms of service.
  • @pixel - Decompiling/reverse engineering (whatever you want to call it) the apps made by Andromo is definitely against our terms of use.

    That said, I recommend that you have your contact over there contact us and we can investigate their service. Fact is, they are a new kid on the block and we have no info about them to base anything on, other than your review. There are a lot of ad networks out there claiming awesome things, but our experience has been that it's important to tread carefully. Google doesn't care if an ad networks says they are compliant - they actually need to be extremely transparent, dot all their i's, cross their t's and then still it's your gamble. Nobody has been banned from Google Play for using Admob...
  • Ok but people have been banned from other services you guys have put out most remember appayable SDK which after that the forums aren't as busy as they used to be.
    I read the terms of service I didnt see it in there and you didnt link to it which means you guys are going to put it in there right now then link to it later. You don't want people using Notify its no problem , but don't come with the ban thing because you guys got a lot of people banned here not me. No one has every gotten banned using Leadbolt which I suggested in the past , so I don't understand why your questioning my judgement now.
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    No, you are wrong and spreading false information. Modifying the APK has been in our terms since day 1. That's the only issue here. Stripping our signing certificate, modifying our source code and making derivative works from our legal intellectual property is clearly offside. If you don't see the problem with that, then I'm not sure what else I can say. It's wrong legally, ethically and morally. I'm closing this discussion because it's going nowhere fast.
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