I have 2 suggestions - USE ssl and add MoPub

I have two suggestion for you andromo

1> For security purpose andromo should use SSL. It is better if you use https rather than  http.

2>  I want to suggest andromo to add Mopub in their monetization option. MoPub is another Good adserver rather than admob meditation.
Depend entire revenue from Google is horrible idea. If anyhow Google banned us - we have no choice but to update the apps with MMedia or tagage and that would take long time for every users to update their apps.

3> last question - If accidentally someone hacked my account and delete all apps - can you recover  that. Do you keep regular backup.
I am little worried as some mysterious activity going on my Google and Facebook account. I have already changed my password.  but for mental peace I want to know that answer.


  • If you have unusual activity in your accounts make sure you have different passwords for each account. Most common mistake people make when signing up to websites is using the same password for each site or even worse, if you signup to a website and use email address as username with your password you use to access your email especially if you have signed up for ad agencys that turn out to be rogue. This sounds basic but does everyone have a different password for every online account? I doubt it. Regularly change passwords. Dont keep a list of passwords in your email folders. Dont use chrome browser on shared pc. Dont click on unsubscribe links for stuff you cant remember signing up for. Uninstall all browser extensions you dont need (and chrome apps). Anytime you notice unfamiliar activity in any account do all of the above and full sweep your device with reputable anti virus.
  • 1. https://www.andromo.com

    2. Sure, we'll take a look at it. I've never heard of it before...

    3. Make sure you have a good and long password (I'd recommend 25+ chars) and don't share it with anyone. Deleted projects can not be restored for you. We make realtime backups on slave DB servers as well as full archival backups of everything several times per day - but that's for disaster recovery, not your personal data.

  • @tamworth - Great suggestions. It always drives me crazy when I find out people use the same password on different websites... That's just asking for trouble.
  • Thanks Colins and tamworthheat.

    I don't know that andromo has https website too. Though security certificate has no verified issuer but
    that wouldn't cause any headache to me.

    Thanks for providing the link

    MoPub is the biggest adserver for mobile ads. Recently Twitter bought this company . check their website
    http://www.mopub.com/ and one of the biggest forum for android developer http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/
    has an excellent review for this adserver. ( I am not affiliated with MoPub anyway but I want to get out of Google grasp.) So that's why it is my humble request to you to consider my request.

    For Google and Facebook accounts , I use very simple password with two step verification , as I use those 2 website most. But for rest of mywebsite I generate password by LastPass extension.
    I found the cause for my security alert by Facebook and Google because of an android apps (name Everypost, it updates all your social network simultaneously but as this apps log in from a different region Google and Facebook alerts me. )

  • If you have service for recovery that would be great (of course for few bucks extra)

    But as you have no such service kindly add a password confirmation before deleting apps. your delete option is too close to edit button. and if accidentally I press again Ok , Ahhh That will complete the story of my app journey.

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