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Has Andromo been upgraded to play audio in the HTML activity?

Has Andromo been upgraded to play audio in the HTML activity? 


  • If you're referring to local audio files inside of an HTML Archive activity, then no, they still must be streamed from an out of app source.
  • It will be cool if we can put severals shoutcats (stream) in only 1 activity  ;)
  • @baraw you should be able to do this by using the Shoutcast activity and linking to a playlist that you create and host yourself.
  • Oh okay
    But can I add 3 Shoutcast activities (3 differents urls ".pls") in only one activity ?
    I make an HTML Archive activity with the urls, but it open with an extern app :(.

    Sorry for my bad English

  • There are a couple different workarounds that you could try:
    • You could combine the 3 .pls playlist files into one .pls file containing all the items (best solution).
    • You could use an Audio activity and add the three .pls files as separate tracks. This would use a different user interface, though. (The Radio activity is better suited to playing SHOUTcast/Icecast streams, but the Audio activity should still be able to play them, so long as it can recognize the link as a playlist file.)
  • Thank you @lorne.

    I didn't know I could combien 3 .pls in one .pls ^^''(yes i'm a newbie :x)
    I'll try,
    Thanks again :)
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