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Many people have suggested a couple of additional monetization options. I kinda remember Revmob, StartApp, and others.
For some you have replied that you will look into it.
Would you share some insight as to which ones (if any) have caught your attention and which would probably make it in a future Andromo update?


  • I would be happy to see MobileCore added in Andromo,since for me is the biggest source of revenue ($45 per day right now).
  • Awesome @pvlalina
    I never use that . I always use Admob and sometimes I get $12
    .Go to look at MobileCore ... Any advice?
  • @pvlalina
    Do you add mobilecore in html activities? Could you please give more details?
  • Hi guys.Sorry for confusion, I use mobilecore only with LWP. With Andromo I have just Admob like everybody but would be very cool to have them in Andromo.
    At this moment I have 200 apps with Andromo which make around of $20 per day (in average because I have days with $30 and Days with $16-$17) and another 100 with LWP making $40-$45 per day with mobilecore.
    I'm planning to  make another 100 with them then to switch to AppNext for another 200 apps with LWP.
    I found both, mobilecore and appnext on android forum and people talking great about them but right now I can confirm only for mobilecore.
    I'm doing android apps from November 2013 and I found to be a good idea to have more monetization options.
    Also, I don't use Google Play at all starting March 2014, only alternative stores.
  • Thank you much for your reply. LWP means Live Wallpapers or am I missing something?
  • @anteos : Yes, Live Wallpapers.
  • Thanks much.
  • @pvlalina
    Would you be kind enough to share which tool(s) you are using for Live Wallpapers?
  • @anteos : I don't want to break the Andromo rules here so I'm sending you a PM.
  • I doubt PMs work but thanks anyway!
  • @anteos : Check your forum profile here.
  • Yup, I did and replied.
  • @anteos : Replied,too.Please check.
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    @pvlalina Replied too.

    In the meanwhile, I was expecting some Andromo staff information related their plans and research on more monetization options. Any news @mark?
  • we sincerely need an adnetwork that supports mediation to other cool adnetwork, but not admob nor google play dependent...
  • Awesome @pvlalina
    Definitely I eager to more about LWP.
    Can PM you
  • @anteos We have looked into many different ad networks and we really want to only add the networks that we think will perform well (or have additional benefits) in the future. We are looking into a few new networks and if we find that they work in the ways that we want they should eventually make their way into Andromo.
  • @Mark

    OK then there really is some progress towards more ad networks. This is promising. Thanks!
  • @tamworthheat Personally I would be skeptical of a list like that, I remember in days of yore that lists like that for software always came down to who was willing pay the most for position number one.
  • @Mark That's fair comment.  One thing I have learnt is that Ad Networks have become notorious for being aggressive companies and it is hard to find a tried and tested reputable company other than those few at the very top of their game, admob mmedia etc...  I appreciate it's a hard job to find one that would suit Andromo (and anyone else at that matter) more than the ones we have already.  AdMob is the only real player for me.
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    I can't wait for video ads... Email from AdMob:
    TrueView video ads for all AdMob developers
    If you already have interstitial ad units in your app, then no further action is needed to start showing TrueView ads.
  • anyone tired leadbolt or startapp?
  • StartApp yes, but it is really too early. Seems like I got impressions, but zero revenue so far. I will need some time to report some decent results.
    By the way...
    we got 2 new ad networks here in andromo. Due to limited time lately, I do not have time to implement and try, so I would be glad if some of you who do implement can give us a sign over how good or bad they perform.
    MobPartner and mMedia are a disaster - for MP, once I find time I will totally remove it. For mMedia, I will remove once I accumulate $50. It is kinda funny, I get a $0.12 maximum eCPM... honestly I kinda hope people start giving some good feedback on applovin and appbrain
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