Save as ringtone in Soundboard page

Anyone knows how to make the sounds in soundboard saved as a ringtone?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    That feature currently isn't available, however we are currently working on integrating that into the Audio Activity. I can't provide any time-frame, but it is coming.

  • Hello darryl,
    I have a few soundboards out on the marketplace, and one feature users are consistently asking for is the ability to save the sounds as ringtones/ notification tones.

    It would be awesome to see this implemented in Andromo! I speak for over 3000 of my app users when I say, Please make this a feature!!

    Thank you for all your hard work, Andromo is awesome, and soooo helpful!!

  • It's coming soon! Maybe 2 weeks or so...
  • Hey thanks for the response colinadams!

    Might I ask, how will the sounds be saved as ringtones? A simple click and hold on each sound seems to be a good way of going about it. 

    Thanks for the update, you guys ROCK!!

  • Yes, it will be a long press interface. Hopefully next week if everyone keeps their fingers crossed.
  • *crossed*
  • Any updates to the status of this feature?
  • It's currently being tested and should be released
    very soon. :)

  • Was this feature included in the last version?
  • In the update that just came out I mean.
  • Not yet -- the Audio update is still undergoing final tweaking and testing.

    If you follow our blog we'll probably be making a big post about it when it arrives.
  • Anything new about this ?
  • Keep an eye on Twitter and our Blog... Still a week or two.
  • Can't wait for this.. very cool. any update?
  • edited May 2012
    The ringtone support is ready (it even supports downloading remote tracks from a website), we're mostly just waiting for the web settings to be updated.

    Our web designer is away on a short holiday at the moment but we're hoping to release the update soon after he gets back.

    In addition to the new ringtone support, we're also planning to add two new premium audio activities ("Radio" and "Podcast").
  • Woohoo can't wait, I hope you announce it in these forums because I have no idea where the blog is.
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