Hi can we have Facebook AD SDK

edited August 2014 in Suggestions
hello andromo Team,Thumbs up to the new ad networks added so far, we appreciate it!.... the android market has become crowded with so many apps, and things are not the same way they used to be last year when i started app business. then i just  submit my app and sleep and wake up then i get thousands of downloads in weeks with no promotion done. but now its not like that so much competition and you need to promote your app else it will go no where not even 10-100 downloads. so after doing much research i, i see facebook ads sdk as the cheapest way to get installs for your app, but it required us to install the sdk for the CPI campaign to work for us, so we pay per install. so please andromo team can we have this sdk on apps so we can use facebook sdk ads for Install?


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