AdMob ad serving has been disabled to your application -Reason MODIFIED AD TARGETING

Today I received, email from admob that "ad serving has been disabled to your application." 

Violation explanation

MODIFIED AD TARGETING: Publishers are not permitted to alter the behavior of Google ads in any way. This includes altering or manipulating the targeting of ads. 

Your application should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they are seeking.

Please andromo how is this possible to modify ad targeting from my end. and also they clearly mentioned that you have some kind of navigation issues. 
please look the issues.


  • Hi,

    Andromo's AdMob ad integration is very minimal/standard and follows their integration guidelines provided in their SDK. We're definitely not doing anything weird or non-standard such as altering or manipulating the targeting of ads. I don't even know how that could be done.

    From a brief search, the only place I've seen references to "MODIFIED AD TARGETING" is in the context of AdSense ads shown on webpages. Are you showing any AdSense ads in your app?

    Is this a relatively new app, or one that was possibly built a long time ago using AdMob's old SDK? What activity types and dashboard type are you including in your app?

    The only way I could see navigation being a problem is if you're app is heavily Web/HTML based and it's referring to the navigation inside that content.

    It might help us to see the application they're saying is in violation so we can see what they're basing this on. You can attach your app to a private support ticket, and we'll take a look.

  • thank you darryl for your reply. 

    I am really confused about this "MODIFIED AD TARGETING" . 
    This app is basically news related to my local language and I have shared many important news links through this app. I have asked permission from many of the news site ( Not all ) and I guess that "MODIFIED AD TARGETING" may be due to adsense ads in those page of websites. This app in the playstore for last 8 months. and now ranking no 1 for my local language news. 

    About Navigation issues: I think that as I share many links it cover admob ads by dropdown menu 
    Please try to restrict drop down menu above admob ads .

    I last publish this app about 2 months ago. Have not updated after that. 

    This is the first time I have received any policy violation email from adsense through out my journey with adsense for last 6 years. ( I am with admob only for last 8 months ) 

    I have just send an email to admob helpdesk for more clarification. I will update the post if I receive any reply.
    Previously they replied for my email with in 24 hours, Hoping that this time they would do same.

    (I have raised a private tickets to share about this app with you)

  • Thanks for sending the link to your app, I downloaded it and took a look. Without further clarification from them, this is just speculation based on what I see...

    Since they've disabled AdMob in your app, it's difficult to see which ones contain AdMob ads, but in general, you're not allowed to show AdMob banners and AdSense ads on the same page, so that's one potential issue but doesn't really explain that error text. Perhaps some of those pages are violating AdSense policies and since they're inside your app... That's just a guess though too.

    Here's a link to a video from Google about the above policy and others:

    As far as the navigation, I suspect they're saying that because of the fact that the web pages aren't really mobile friendly, so navigating on each of those could be difficult for users on a mobile device. I don't think they're referring to the dashboard or dropdown. They may be able to clarify on that though.

    Definitely let us know if you receive additional info from them.
  • If anyone else has experienced that type of violation and has any additional details, please feel free to share any additional info you may have.
  • sorry I forget to update this post , as I got a reply from admob. But It is very much generic, no help at all.

    AdMob Support Team


    Thank you for your email.

    Since ad serving has been disabled to your app, you should review our policy guidelines first. If you wish to appeal this disabling, you can do so by using this appeal form. In your appeal, please put down as many details as possible documenting the steps you took to fix the violation.

    Please note that the policy team reserves the right to disable your apps and/or account at any time if they see continued violations.

    Good luck and kind regards



    Google Inc.| The AdMob Support Team | |

  • this is the normal automated reply, no human support at all, from any google admob... apart from adwords, since they only respect those paying them money, they even have chat and direct phone calls for Google adwords Advertisers...
  • Google admob really sucks.

    received this email today after appealed for reconsideration with a request to clear the confusion regarding 


    Thank you for your email. However, please be aware that because your app was found to be in violation of our program policies, it is no longer eligible for participation in the AdMob program.

    Your account remains active, and you are welcome to place Google ads on other apps which comply with AdMob publisher guidelines and policies. To help prevent policy violations in the future, we recommend reviewing these references to help keep your account in good standing.


    The Google AdMob Team
  • lol.. am sorry, thats the way they are, admob reaaly knows how to play with us. the tell us to appeal and when you do, they give you the automated response like that above, then you are like, if this was so, why then did they say i can appeal.....i however got one of my app back enabled after appeal, i clearly explained that i understood the reason of the disabling and told them i was making hundreds of dollars from the app, which was true... so even thou immediately i got this automated mail like th eone above after appeal.. to my surprise a week later they re-enabled ads back. anyway, however i just got this mail from Adsense, and they said we could have chat on adsense now but when i got there i didnt find chat option yet, but i found something amazing on my adsense when i clicked on "contact us" ( i guess the petition in is really working) when normally, it would read something like " your adsense account is eligible for direct email........blablabla" but now it read "your adsense account is a managed account....and you have an account manager..... blablabla...  this is good from Google, meaning each account now has a personal account manger and  we can contact that account manager directly for help and support.. good one from google.. so kindly check your adsense account-- help center---contact us   if you have such option so you can contact your account manager for help directly
  • Luckily just received an email that my account has a dedicated account manager

  • yes that will be helpful, so your account manager can give you adequate guide
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