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Hello guys, just got mail from Adsense, and they said we
could have chat on adsense support now but when i got there i didnt find chat
option yet, but i found something amazing on my adsense when i clicked
on "contact us" ( i guess the petition in is really working)

 when normally, it would read something like " your adsense account is
eligible for direct email........blablabla"

but now it read "your adsense account is a managed account....and you have an account
manager..... blablabla..

.. this is good from Google, meaning each account now has a personal account manger and  we can contact that account manager directly for help and support.. good one from the big G - google.


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    yes i just received that too. 

    I will ask tomorrow what violation modified ads 


  • @wole8029   is this chat support for everyone .

    my one friend haven't any chat support option.  I guess this chat support only for publishers who earn daily good amount. 
  • yea or maybe it has propagated yet to all account, give it like 24 hours
  • Hi wole8029, do adsense chat really works. For last 4 days , I am trying to contact them through chat support
    but unfortunately I always see that chat support team is currently offline.


  • yes me too, i havnt even seen the chat icon in any of my adsense
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    Though I have Chat Icon till now but they are always offline.
    Useless features.

    Just noticed your first message @wole8029
    "your adsense account is a managed account....and you have an account manager "
    do you anyhow signed up with any certified adsense partner

    because that message usually for managed account by certified adsense partner.

    "When you see a “Managed account” label displayed in your AdSense account, it means that you’ve linked your account to a Certified Partner’s account. The label is just there to remind you that you’ve agreed to give a Certified Partner access to your account for the purposes of maintenance and optimization.

    In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program, Certified Partners must ensure that: “any client who has their AdSense account linked to Yours (each a “Publisher”) has given You its express and affirmative consent to do so"."

  • @bappa86 ; i do not remember signing up for such, my adsense account was gotten way back in the days when adsense came freely with blogger .
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