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Hi, all.
After logging in to my (pro) dashboard, i find that 'production choices' are still poor:
-'App Info' tab is ok (we can say whatever we need about our new app there)
-'Activities' tab is (at the moment) with the (only) tab choices:
"Audio, Custom Page, Facebook, Flickr, HTML, Archive, Map, RSS Feed, Website, YouTube, Email, Phone".
-I am NOT seeing any cool tabs there, for example: 'Make A Game' (with further subtabs support for it, of course)
*or sub-tabs for few different game types and support (resources, etc. for each).
*editable samples for each those game types, as well.
-I am also not seeing any tabs for making little stand-alone applications, eg "Make A Weather Gadget"
or say  "Make A Calculator", or "Make A Screensaver", or "Make A Clock" or "Make A Video Player", or
'Make An Audio Player (mp3 player)" or "Make A X-Ray Game (eg, where you can see your hand bones under
the phone, etc.), or 'Make A GPS Application" or 'Make A Dating Application", or "Make A Recipes Application",
or "Make An eBook Reader", or 'Make An Video Converter", or "Make An Audio Converter", or "Make A Funny App"
(and sub-choices for it - eg. "fart machine" or joke collector/maker machine) and that sorta stuff...
*Hope it will be noted by the admins, and i believe it will come with the time, anyways, IF they plan to do any
members support, at least for the paid ones, as i am... (in which case, this can become a great community).
I hope also that main idea behind all of this is not just pinching the money of new wanna-be Android developers...
...the time will tell...sooner or later, the time will tell... (Prof Einstein, Red Alert 1).
Anyone agrees ?


  • Thanks for the suggestions. We're adding in new features all the time based on demand. The more people who want a feature the more likely it moves to the top of our list!
  • No worries, nice to be heard, and to have a healthy admins,

    *Also: can we have a 2 choices, before finalising each build,  like:

    -"Finish as .APK application" (to cover newer mobiles)

    -"Finish as .JAR application" (to cover older mobiles)

    ***many thanks to admins again, for being heard, kepp good work guys***

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