Galaxy Nexus

Now that the Galaxy Nexus has been released (well if you are in the Uk) has anyone had a chance to play with it? Anyone thinking of picking one up? The release date for Canada seems to be up in the air, so everyone on the Andromo team will have to wait a little longer before we even think of getting it.

As a software guy I'm more excited about the new OS (Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich) and what we can do with it.



  • You can download the sdk now and try out the emulator. 
  • That's true, but the Android emulators are often pretty painful on Windows. I've played with it a little bit but I really want to get a true impression on a device.

    Have you played with it on an emulator yet?

  • Does anyone know the release date for the Galaxy Nexus in USA and/or Canada?

    I'm on the 'notify' list, but haven't received anything yet -

  • My contract is up and I'm on month to month at this point. The two phones on my radar at the moment are the Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE. I'll likely wait and see what the Nexus is like, however that may depend upon when it shows up at my carrier. The Nexus does look like it will be a nice device.

  • The news on the street is December 8th in Canada and the US. Bell and Virgin as the first Canadian carriers.

  • It seems as though some of the people in my twitter and google+ feeds are getting Galaxy Nexus' delivered today. Now these are largely people with either connections or reviewers so it's not surprising that they are getting it earlier, but I think it does mean that it's coming soon.

  • OK guys - I've got a Galaxy Nexus in my hand right now. I'm *seriously* impressed with everything so far...
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