New problem from Samsung.

Although when i submit an app to Samsung appstore i check the Galaxy specials and other as an option in the categories section here is what message i get when i submit an app.

The registered binaries do not meet the category conditions for GALAXY Specials. The GALAXY Specials category can be selected only if at least one binary supports GALAXY Specials. You can go to ‘Binary>Advanced Mode>Binary Details’ to check the supported GALAXY Specials options.

Keep in mind when i created the app i checked the samsung appstore in the andromo target markets section.

any idea anyone what happens?


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    @diasapps: If you build the app with the target set to Samsung App Store, the app will include and make use of the Samsung ImageFilter SDK SDK, and it will include the permission in the manifest, which is all the Samsung SDK documentation says is needed in order to be recognized.

    Could you contact Samsung and inform them:
    • your app is using the Samsung ImageFilter SDK
    • your app is declaring the permission in the manifest
    ...and ask them exactly what else they require your app to do in order to pass?
  • @lorne i sent to Samsung a support request but they ask me for the binary file. How can i find it in my app?

  • When they say "binary file", it's normally just your app file (.apk).
  • I am closing this thread, as there is already another thread about it here:

    It's better to have all the info in one place.
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