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Is there a way to create an image gallery where users can upload their own photos and rate them?


  • The only way to do that is with the Flickr Gallery activity right now.
  • edited March 2012

    Oh ok. Cool..

    After creating an activity using the Flickr Gallery, Is there an automatic refresh feature when a user enters the image gallery on their phone/tablet? It would be easier than to hit the refresh button each time new photos are up.

  • We do check for new info each time the activity is tapped!
  • Just keeping in line with this post, you said you check for new info each time the activity is tapped.

    I updated my flikr photostream, and rebuilt my app a few hours ago, and my flikr images on the app haven't been updated. But having said that when I see my rss feed on flikr, it hasn't changed either.

    So I think it may be from their end, but you got any ideas on what I may be doing wrong or would it be something best directed to them?
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