Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.10 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 4.0.10 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:

  • Increased the maximum download size when getting podcast feeds to 2 megabytes (from 1 megabyte).
  • Made it so the status text above the audio controls is automatically
    set to the “description” color for Audio Player, SHOUTcast Radio, and
    Podcast activities.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when building very large projects.
  • Fixed an issue where devices running SDK 14 (ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH) and higher could fail to retrieve metadata from remote MP3 files.
  • Added a workaround to permit setting images as wallpaper on older Nook tablets.
  • Added an “Allow downloads” option for Podcast activities that
    controls whether the user will be able to download episodes to their
    device and listen to them offline. (Previously this feature was always
  • Added an “Autoplay first track” option to all audio activity types
    (Music Player/Soundboard, Radio, and Podcast). If enabled, the app will
    automatically start playing the first track when the activity is opened.
  • + Many internal changes to support upcoming features. Stay tuned!

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.10 is now live at


  • Thanks! Looking good. :)
  • "+ Many internal changes to support upcoming features. Stay tuned!"
    Would you consider to state something specific about the nature of those announced features?
    it's not another advertisement, interstsitials or stuff like that, is it?
  • @jankb: The latest ad networks were added because a lot of users (including me) were asking for them. Now we have a great selection of these (in my opinion the best, compared to other on-line app makers) so I suspect the coming updates will be feature updates. Let's wait and see. :)
  • I would be happy with more ad networks, though. StartApp performs way lower than my expectations. MobileCore and Airpush could be awesome additions.
    Features are welcome too of course.
  • Well, some of those underperforming ad networks were added because users insisted they would be "awesome additions" too. Unfortunately many of the claims that ad networks make are untrue, or misleading, or simply not applicable to the types of apps that people are making with Andromo.

    Sometimes we haven't added networks because they turned out not to perform well or did things that we considered too risky. After a few duds we've tried not to add networks that perform very poorly in our testing or that do things (or have a history of doing things) that seem likely to get people banned. There seem to be a lot of ad networks out there that don't mind being a bit evil if it makes a buck.

    However we are still willing to consider adding networks if they will benefit our users, or if enough of our users ask for them. It's always very possible that our users could find a way to benefit from an ad network that was not revealed in our testing.

    In the case of MobileCore and Airpush, both have been on our list of potential networks several times and have been partially implemented behind the scenes to permit testing. I don't think there's currently any reason we'd reject either network outright (although Airpush hasn't always had the nicest reputation in the past), but I believe there are technical and/or business reasons preventing either of them from being added at this time.

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    @jankb: "Would you consider to state something specific about the nature of those announced features?"

    Hmmm...this screenshot might provide a subtle clue for one of them:

  • lolipop build on its way;-)
  • @naqshbandi Good guess, but actually that's not what the clue is, it just happens to be running on a device with the L preview firmware installed. (Lollipop features are still further on the horizon.)
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    There is one more change that took effect in 4.0.10 that we forgot to list in the original change log:

    • Changed to "Home as Up" behaviour for the home icon on the action bar. Pressing the home icon now navigates up to the parent activity, instead of navigating directly to the dashboard.

    (This change actually serves as another clue...)
  • Are we talking about sub-pages? ;)
  • @Lorne

    Regarding your message about how we had been asking for more ad networks.
    I actually think you are quoting me by saying "awesome additions". And you are perfectly right.I was one of those who kept nagging your team on more networks, focusing mainly on StartApp.
    Based on forums I had visited, StartApp was the ad network with the most consistent good reviews.So, in my opinion (being a no-native android code developer and having no other way to check an ad network) StartApp would indeed be an awesome adition. As to how it all ended up, StartApp is not perfect, maybe not even good, but at least it is an additional option. For those with terminated admob accounts, they would really need more ad networks so I do not regret being part of those who kept asking for it.

    As to my newest request on mobilecore and airpush, this is based on personal tests as well as forums reviews. I have fiddled around with live wallpapers and mobilecore keeps giving magnificent results. If you have ran tests with it and you are not impressed, then I guess we would like to know of some basic statistics or something so we stop complaining on it. I actually believe you when you say that your tests have not shown good results in the past (for startapp, for example) but you never let us know about it so of course, we kept asking for it.

    Anyway - personally my Admob is still active, but I sometimes create aps not really 100% suitable for google play and those I prefer to monetize with other ad networks. The more options we got,the better for us I guess.

  • @hendrixs bingo :)

    @anteos I was quoting you but I didn't mean that in a negative way; like I said it is always possible that our users might have better luck with an ad network than we do in testing. As for MobileCore and Airpush I can't make any promises but we are looking into both of those networks (again).
  • @lorne: Yeehaa! :) Thing keep getting better and better.

    About the ad networks - yeah, it's nice to have a good selection of these, and we have just about every ad network available, which is considered good. However, I imagine it's quite a lot of work to keep every SDK up to date, so maybe you guys could ditch some ad networks, for which we already know, that they don't perform very well. Just an idea. :)
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