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Has anyone advertised their apps using Facebook's Mobile App Installs?

I am having trouble getting the app registered in Facebook b/c FB is calling for a Key Hash - which I don't have.
-anyone know how to get a KeyHash for an Andromo app?

(funny thing is:  a few months ago, I created almost 40 Facebook ads without a KeyHash.  But now, it isn't working.)

Any help out there?
(by the way,  I would recommend using these Facebook Ads for mobile app installs.   I always support a new app launch with a small FB Ad campaign - about $10 total spend but tightly focused on my audience using FB's excellent targeting tools.  I usually get a click-through-rate of about 4 - 6% on these ads - which is really high - and end up with about 100 to 400 installs in about 1 week.  This gives my new app a nice little kick-start which gets me in the top 10 or 15 of the rankings in my niche very quickly.  )


  • Thanks for the information about Fackbook ads. What other information do have that will help us target better and get more downloads for the money spent. I've tried Facebook ads for installs in the past and just wasn't that successful. Thanks for the information. 
  • @amsinco: Thanks for a great tip! I've never used FB ads before, but it sounds worth to give it a try. Also, people on one of the internet marketing forums are reporting, that Twitter is great for promoting apps. Please keep us updated.
  • @lorne
    -can you assist me with this key hash issue?

    -I am trying to run mobile ads on FB, and apps must be registered before they can be marketed.  However, I am getting stuck in the app registration process.  Facebook is asking for a ' key hash ' in order to register an app, and I have no idea where to get this for an Andromo app.

    -any ideas here?

    Thx, Guy AM
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