Blackberry vendor app?

i submitted my app, but it was denied due to adds saying the word "android"
is there a way i can re submit my app without that specific ad?


  • I had the same issue - my app was denied due to the word "Android" in that one banner ad. The Andromo team fixed it with an update to the app builder. All I did was repackage the app in Andromo, so I got a new .apk that does not contain the banner ad in questions, and I repackaged it into a .bar file and submitted it. It was approved to the Blackberry App World last week :)
  • Handiman is correct! We changed the default ad just so you could get a free PlayBook. How's that for cool? Just rebuild and resubmit.
  • @hadiman
    so are you getting the playbook now?
  • I had the same issue --

    "Please note that there's should not be any Android mentioning on the Apps title, screenshot, icon, description and inside the apps itself, please remove the android words bellow your Android vendor logo "create android apps without programing" "
    i builded it on 16 March 2012

    help ?

  • sufyan94, you should rebuild your app and resubmit it. The default ad graphic was modified to comply with the playbook app submission requirements.

    Although some apps have been accepted even with the old ad test apps were, and I built them before the change.
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