Countdown timer

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Hi guys,

I made a couple of apps already with andromo and I have to
say that it is the best app maker ever! And it's nice that you guys are always adding new features.

I’d like to know if you plan on adding a countdown timer to
the audio activity? It would be great if there were the ability to activate a
countdown for a sound that will play on infinite loop, so that it stops playing in a
predefined amount of time. For example if i want to make an app with very short
length relaxation sounds to help people fall asleep, it would be very
useful. It's just a suggestion but it’s a feature I’d love to see in Andromo :)


  • Hey bluecrushh,

    Glad you're loving Andromo! We're trying hard + we'll see what we can do about the feature request. The more people who request it, the sooner we'll do it!

  • I'd like a sleep timer.. is that the same thing? I'd like people to be able to fall asleep to my shoutcast radio station..
  • +1 for that - A countdown/sleep timer for the shoutcast activity is needed :)
  • I too have several apps which would need it.
  • I am searching for a countdown timer that can be used as carparking feature. Ideally it should have a function to set the amount of time for the ticket expiry and link to the phone alarm. Does anyone know where I could find a source code that could be added to the app, or indeed can any member design one. I would be willing to pay a small fee to someone for the right feature that I could add to my existing Andromo app build.
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