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Hi there,

I have seen many apps having this "Check more games/apps" option somewhere in the interface. When you open it, technically it is just another way of monetizing because I think when the user downloads and installs one of the suggested apps, the publisher is paid.
Is this called an "Offer Wall" or an "App Wall"? I am not sure.

Would it be possible to add such in the Options menu of Andromo? I suspect one of the already existing ad networks do offer this. (maybe AppBrain?)

What do you think of it as an idea?


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    Last time I checked had a Offer Wall. You can embed the code in Archive Activity or set up a page on the web and use a Website activity for it.
  • @hendrixs

    Thank you! Always wonderful to hear from you - it seems you always got an answer :)

    Have you tried it? Is it worth it? Does it look OK if added as an archive activity?
  • @anteos

    Thanks. ;) I didn't use Everbadge myself, but a friend of mine did, but that was almost a year ago. I wish I could tell you how they perform, but I don't know that. The Offer Wall looked great, tho! (it was linked to via Web Activity)
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    Any idea how it could be implemented (and look good) as a html archive?
    I do know some css and html, but making it look good in both phones and tablets could be tricky.
    Plus I did not manage to find the html code to implement for the Offer Wall. If it's not much of a hassle, could you please link me?

    EDIT: Seems like I do not really need to use an HTML archive because Everbadge provides a unique page to which we can link with Webview. I should really test it out!
  • @anteos

    I too saw only the Webviw version and it looked great.
  • I found out that Appnext (a way more popular ad network than Everbadge) also offers a webview More Apps option. I am expecting to receive some help on identifying my own URL and how to use it and I will share the info here.
  • @anteos: That's great, thanks for the share! It would be interesting to see how Appnext performs.
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    I got the info I wanted from Jonathan, the AppNext representative.
    Seems like we need to create a new placement ID for an app, then use the ID as an offerwall URL according to the following example: (don't take it for granted, contact your account manager for that to be sure)

    where the X's indicate your placement ID.

    I have added the activity for OfferWall in a couple of new and about to be updated apps, but I still don't have it online anywhere. So I cannot give details on performance for now.
  • @anteos:

    Sounds good, please keep us updated. I'm currently sticking to AdMob/Amazon only, but it's nice to know, how other networks perform.
  • @hendrixs

    I have been updating older and newer apps these last 2 weeks and in all of them I added a website activity to be the very last one, titled something like "Recommended Apps" and including in them the Appnext URL.
    Seems like this is a side-revenue we can always have in all apps aside banners and interstitials. Since this is only a button where they can opt to download a recommended app but they can also ignore it, I find it harmless in terms of user experience.

    So far:

    423 Impressions - 54 Click - 2 Installs - $1.61 Earned - eCPM $3.81.

    Not bad right?
  • @anteos:

    Not bad at all. :) Getting paid 0.80 USD per install is excellent, much more, than what I usually see on various mobile affiliate networks, where app publishers pay 0.10$ to 0.50$ per install.
  • A simple bump on this with more stats.

    For those not following the thread, I added a website activity in all my apps through which I pointed to my AppNext offerwall. Users who download an app from the offerwall and install it, earn me money, aside any banners or interstitial revenue I already got.

    All Time Stats:

    Impressions 6,902  
    Clicks  773   
    Installs 40   
    CTR 11.2  
    CR 5.17 
    Revenue  98.24   
    eCPM 14.23

    @colinadams Since I consider an OfferWall the way I use it is quite "clumsy" I would like to ask once again if there is possibility for Andromo to implement such option for some native menu of the app, for example something like the "About" menu.
    Moreover, would like to inquire if there is any research done by you regarding AppNext performance.
  • @anteos I tried doing the same, created website activity and redirected the link to

    where the X's indicate my placement ID but all i get is a blank screen with Appnext logo on it but no recommendations to download. 

    BTW i asked for similar link and appnext representative gave me this 

    which did not work either, with this entire blank screen. 

    Is there some setting in website activity that i need to change? Thanks in advance. 
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    oh never mind i got it now, just messed up with the link :)

    and the second link is for Clicktag where the users are directed to playstore for random app downloads  selected by appnext.
  • @ashbar_apps

    Glad you found out how to do it, because I could not help more lol. The representative gave me my link as well.

    Would like if you have any stats and want to share them you give this a bump in the future too.

  • Sure i have just incorporated in my apps for the first time. Lets see where this takes us.
  • Sadly Appnext discontinued this option. Since I am updating apps anyway, need to find a new ad network that can do this, or else I will have to remove the option completely.
    Any ideas?
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