New Google Play Content Rating

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I was contacted form GP that they start the process of asking for a questionnaire for each app's content rating.
I wonder what you think is best answer to the question:

Does the app share the user's current physical location to other users?

The advertising code does include this permission to provide related advertisements, so what should our reply be?

We can use this thread to discuss on other possible questions we might have regarding to the content rating category and questions.


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    I think with that question, the wording 'to other users' is key. So, does your app work something like Foursquare?

    The purpose of those ratings is to basically protect children, so apps that tell other 'users' where you are located, would impact that in some way (honestly not sure how that really affects the rating. It could be a positive ie. you can find your own child or negative ie. someone else can find your child.

    In any case, Andromo apps don't 'share the user's current physical location to other users' unless you are doing something pretty fancy in your HTML Archive etc... Your mileage may vary.
  • @colinadams

    I selected NO. Even with ads code, the location is not shared to other users, only with the ad network itself.
  • Yep, the Help documentation is pretty well written, so it's mostly all "no" for us (except for that "foul language, alcohol references etc. and if we, like @colinadams said, don't do anything special on our own in the Archive activity).
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