Andromo App Maker for Android v4.1.1 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 4.1.1 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:
  • Added the ability to show custom text on the About dialog (only available in the Professional subscription).
  • Added the ability to hide an activity (doesn't list it on any dashboards or navigation drop-downs).
  • Added the ability to exclude an activity from an app's build.
  • Added several options to the RSS activity to control what happens when items are no longer in the feed.
  • Made it so RSS activities no longer show duplicates when multiple items have the same GUID element in a feed.
  • Made it so soundboards stop playback when you put the device to sleep.
  • Fixed duplicate items in some Google News and Yahoo search feeds.
  • Fixed a possible crash when using pull to refresh on Android 5.x.
  • Fixed an issue that was generating log warnings when some RSS feeds were being refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug where a crash would occur when clicking the home icon in the Photo activity when no index is used, and the dashboard style is set to none.
  • Updated the About dialog's copyright year to 2015.

Andromo App Maker for Android v4.1.1 is now live at


  • Well done, thank you much!
  • Awesome!!! Thanks! Really good and very useful updates.
  • No Airpush?
  • Regarding AirPush, please see Colin's comment in the thread below:
  • "Added the ability to exclude an activity from an app's build."

    Thank you so much! You have no idea how much time and effort this saves me! :)
  • Yeah, that one is super huge!
  • I also like the fact that the disabled activities are easily identifiable from the activities Tab because they have the word Disabled in red font next to the link.
  • nice update! I really appreciate your hard work. One little issue regarding the "about"-dialog: it still comes up with that horrible translation "Urheberrecht" in German language. You simply can'not translate "copyright" to a single word in German. It sounds really really silly and I (told you several times already) have been prompted to change that "little bastard" to something that makes sense!  The most proper version would be:   "alle Rechte vorbehalten" which is commonly used as a replacement for the English "copyright" or, just leave it as it is and do not translate that part at all. Is there a chance to have this issue fixed any time, soon ?  
  • @jankb: thanks for reminding us again, that did indeed slip through the cracks. When I looked into it previously there didn't seem to be a universally agreed upon translation for a notice in this context, so I think I will change it to the untranslated "copyright" as you suggested.

  • that would be really great! thanx!! ;;)
  • Excellent, this fix is very important for my apps

    • Fixed duplicate items in some Google News and Yahoo search feeds.
  • @jankb: I changed the string so it should be corrected in the next release. Thanks again for the reminder. :)

    @mastermx: Adding support for RSS GUID elements worked for compliant feeds, but it turns out a lot of feeds (like Google News) don't use the GUID element properly, so it was actually quite tricky to fix. :)
  • @lorne

    Any news from the Airpush front?
  • Hi Lorne, thanx a million!
  • So this may be a dumb question, but for what reason would you want to "hide an activity"?  I want to take advantage of as much as I can with Andromo, but I just can't see a situation where someone could use this.  Anyone with an example so I can understand it's use better?
  • If an activity is for example only targetting Amazon users, you would hide this activity when building an app for Google Play and Samsung.

    Moreover, if you are making an app intended to be free with ads and the same app in a paid version, you hide some features from the free to make people want the paid.
  • So simple, thanks.  My brain couldn't figure that one out for some reason. Lol
  • Any news with Airpush guys? We are counting on it since it's one of the most profitable ad networks with Admob.
  • Airpush is still working on their new SDK. When it's available, we can move forward.
  • FYI - The 'enable/disable activity' option is the best choice for removing activities from a build for free/paid, standard/pro, this app store/that app store.

    The Hiding from dashboard is for people who like to make custom dashboards etc using HTML and andromo:// links and don't want all their activities shown in the navigation dropdowns, dashboard etc.
  • @colinadams

    This makes way more sense than my explanation. Thanks!
  • Hi, I have notice that sometimes the website activity gets freeze, and if you want to refresh the page, actually you can´t do it, it happens id I see the page inside the app. I haven´t try it outside.

    To make it work again, getting out of the app doesn´t work, I have to actually finish the app, like cleaning cache or stop running the app, that´s the only way to make it function properly again.

    Please, check it out.

  • Looks like Airpush has finally released a new SDK. 

  • And it's EULA free...
  • Ok guys the Airpush new SDK have been released. Any news approximately when we will have the airpush ads intergrated into andromo?

  • to shaggyfrog - the other reason to hide an activity is if you create a LOT of activities and dont want a vast scrolling list of them on the home screen.   By grouping them on a series of custom pages you can make kind of a cascading menu system and display groups of activities on different pages.

    This is an immense development.

  • If you could add 'External Playlist' to 'Audio Activity' that would be great.
  • Re: Airpush - We were literally one of the first people to get the new Airpush SDK sent to us directly. We're working closely with Airpush to get this done, however our integration revealed several issues in their new SDK that they are working on. Once things get straightened out, we can proceed. So, hopefully just a couple more weeks. Keep those fingers crossed!
  • @clwydian - Very good point re: activity hiding and creating your own categories using custom andromo:// links on HTML pages. If you have the HTML chops to do it, it's super awesome!
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